Woodford history

Woodford lies to the west of Caboolture on the D'Aguilar Highway which is the inland route often preferred by those from the southern states. First settled back in 1841, it has traditionally been a dairy farming and timber town and still is one of the few towns where there are weekly cattle sales held in the yards in the main street.

When it came time for naming the new town to be developed here several possibilities were canvassed and the names of several local settlers were advocated, but out of the bitter controversy the name of H.C.Wood won out. To his name was added the word for a river crossing and so the name of Woodford was proclaimed in 1885.

Durundur, meaning 'witchetty grub', was the name of the Archer Brothers station and was the first run selected in the Woodford area. The house at Durundur burnt down in 1893 when in a dispute between two domestics, the housemaid set fire to the cook's room. From there it spread to the whole house.

The turn of the century architecture has been retained in the shopping precinct and has been complimented with a streetscape which creates an atmosphere of welcome and friendliness. Woodford is home to the famous national and international Woodford Folk Festival, which is held every year from 26 - 31 December.