Mount Mee history

Dahmongah meaning 'flying squirrel' was the local aboriginal name for Mt Mee. The name Mt Mee was possibly derived from the aboriginal word 'mia-mia' meaning view or lookout, but did not come into use until 1899 with the advent of a school in the area.

Red cedar was the timber most highly prized by the early timber getters and its abundance at Mt Mee ensured that the timber of the area would be used, along with hoop pine, crows ash and flooded gum. Bullock teams were brought in to haul the logs to the local sawmills at Caboolture, Woodford and D'Aguilar. Later a sawmill was built at Mt Mee itself and this structure still stands today on the area known as the Gantry Day Use area.

Over time, dairying and banana growing became other viable industries and a small settlement soon sprung up along the ridges which are part of the D'Aguilar Range.