Beachmere history

Beachmere is located just south of Bribie Island on the mainland with the waters of Deception Bay lapping its foreshores and the mouth of the Caboolture River opening into these waters. The perfect location for boating enthusiasts having access to both river and a sheltered bay for a spot of fishing or canoeing or just enjoying the pleasant sensation of the water.

It is said that a Mr Bonney who settled in the area around 1870 called it Beachmere because of the strip of sandy beach set amidst a marshy countryside. William Goodwin Geddes was the first person to hold freehold title for the area between King John Creek and the beach. About 1887 Millman moved from Oaklands to start dairying there and in the Millmans' time it started to be used by picnicking parties.