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"Real museums are places where time is transformed into space" - Orhan Pamuk 

Set amongst the graceful landscape of Old Petrie Town, the Pine Rivers Heritage Museum encourages visitors to explore the district’s historic character through the permanent and rotating displays covering a range of local themes.

The museum is fully air-conditioned and there is always something new to see as we continue to build one of the best regional museums in the State.

Entry is free

Exhibitions & workshops

See our What's on events calendar for the full list of upcoming exhibitions, workshops and events.

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  • Temporary exhibition gallery
    The temporary gallery is of international standard, and plays host to a diverse range of exhibitions. With regular turnover, exhibitions are both developed from the Pine Rivers Heritage Museum Collection and on tour from our State and National museums.
  • Theatrette
    Follow the Pine Rivers story through the eyes of the young Edgar Foreman, and meet his great-great-great granddaughter, Ellie. Our story begins in the 1850s when European settlement in this area first took place, and concludes with the Pine Rivers of today. Moving objects, video, sound and light effects will keep you captivated to the end.
  • Collection showcase
    This collection showcase display features regularly changing treasures from our collection. We tell the thematic stories of our local community, giving a hint to the rich stories captured in the Main Gallery.
  • River stories
    The North and South Pine Rivers have shaped the natural environment and the lives of the people living in the Pine Rivers region. Follow the Rivers Stories to acquire an overview of our historic region.

Main gallery

  • The migrant experience
    The Pine Rivers Region has a rich history of settlement, with pioneer ancestors resettling in waves of migration from the 1850s. A series of displays feature their stories, through oral histories, objects and dioramas.
  • Supplying the building trade
    The harvesting of timber, clay and stone were the founding industries that drove exploration and settlement throughout the district, providing the foundation building materials of our State. Enjoy historic film footage of early timber-getters and stonecutters, examine samples of the many timbers extracted from our forests, and view the local clays reformed as crockery, bricks and tiles.
  • Old school room
    From the early 1870s onwards the establishment of schools into newly settled farming communities was a high priority. Our Old School Room is fashioned on the first provisional school to be opened in the North Pine area, and features the Good Manners Chart which was in use from 1898, delightful original wooden and cast iron school desks, slates and ink wells.
  • Yebri house
    Historic Yebri House was the original farm workers cottage owned by the Petrie family. It is a Campbell pre-fab kit house built in the late 1880s. The house has been restored and styled in the fashion of the 1920s, making it a wonderful glimpse into life before electricity and reticulated water.
  • Skyring clock collection
    Featuring sixty hand-built clocks by Roy Skyring, which include a variety of mechanical types. The collection contains some clock types of which there are few working examples left in the world.
  • Motor racing memorabilia
    Motor racing has featured strongly in the history of the Pine Rivers region; from racing on the South Pine Road ‘Mad Mile’ of the 1930s to racing on the post-World War II abandoned Strathpine Airstrip, to the purpose built Lakeside raceway. This display features photographs, programs, trophies and promotional materials from these racing events.
  • Camp Strathpine
    During World War II large numbers of American, Australian and British troops were stationed in the Pine Rivers region. This display features personal and military artefacts recovered from the various camp sites which were used by these troops.

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