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Guided educational school program

Discovery and Journey session

Students are divided into groups and rotate between the different activities on offer, with each activity lasting 40 minutes. Maximum number of students 75, with larger groups able to divide their visit over two days.

  • Duration: This is a whole day option (9.30am - 2.30pm), depending on the number of activities chosen.
  • Cost: Per student:  $6.00 and (GST inclusive)
  • Bookings required. Bookings are available Tuesday to Friday, all year round.

Activity options

The following activities are currently available:

  • Settlers' Stories
    Watch the 20 minute multimedia presentation telling a short history of the area. Followed by a guided tour of the museum's permanent displays. Highlights include the objects early settlers used to build their homes and start their new lives.
  • Old school
    Sit in a classroom of yesteryear, discover what school was like in the last century; write on a slate and learn about nib pens.
  • How Did They
    Learn how people performed some simple tasks from the past. Tasks include mincing, butter making and washing up using a soap suds maker. This tour also looks at lighting options before electricity. Students get to have a turn at performing most of the tasks discussed
  • Wash Day
    Experience what it was like to wash clothes before the electric washing machine. Haul water, stoke the copper, use the scrubbing board and wash and hang clothes.
  • Yebri - Home life
    Discover what home life was like in the days before electricity, includes hands-on experience of museum objects.
  • Living with trees
    Discover how Aboriginal people and early European Settlers used trees for food and making a place to live.
  • Temporary display
    Explore one of the temporary displays.

Pre-visit and follow-up activities are available from the Museum. Please contact Pine Rivers Museum for further information.

Free self paced educational programs

The following free educational programs are currently available:

  • Museum visit
    Students will discover fascinating objects and stories as they explore inside the Museum, includes an entertaining 20 minute multimedia presentation about the history of the Pine Rivers area and its people. The recommended time for this visit is 1 hour. Cost: free
  • Temporary exhibitions
    Throughout the year, the Museum hosts a number of touring exhibitions and develops its own temporary displays. Teachers may choose this option along with the museum visit or within the all day program. Cost: free

For a full list of upcoming exhibitions, see our what's on events calendar.

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