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The Redcliffe Museum celebrates, documents and interprets Redcliffe’s historic Peninsula and community.

The Museum and its Collections offers an intriguing insight into this unique region: its European history since 1799, its heritage as Queensland’s first European Settlement in 1824-25, its much older indigenous culture, its rich maritime history, and the pleasures and surprises of bayside life.

Upcoming exhibitions

For a full list of upcoming exhibitions and workshops see our what's on events calendar.

About us

  • Museum (mju: ‘ziem) n. collection of natural, artistic, historical or scientific objects.
  • Redcliffe Museum (redklif mju: ‘ziem) n. vibrant, innovative, interactive site, appealing to all ages, celebrating Redcliffe’s historic Peninsula and community, exploring its contemporary interests and discovering its aspirations.

The Redcliffe Museum celebrates the evolution of the Peninsula’s character and identity, and its significance to the world around it. In exploring past triumphs and tragedies, contemporary interests and future aspirations, the Museum becomes a vibrant, interactive and perpetual reminder of the region’s past, present and future.

The museum is a stimulating and lively place that preserves an historical perspective, encourages a thirst for knowledge, and enriches community life well beyond the shores of this bayside paradise.

Redcliffe Museum attracts a wide-ranging audience including school children, families and the elderly. The visitor’s book presents comments from a range of visitors, from locals exploring the history of their region, to tourists, from around Australia and the world, visiting the Museum as part of their trip to the Peninsula.

Bus groups and school groups are very welcome at the Redcliffe Museum. To enhance the group’s enjoyment of the Museum we ask bus companies to book in advance. 

Redcliffe Historical Society has a number of merchandising lines that are marketed through the Museum. All profits from these lines go the Redcliffe Historical Society.


  • "I have changed, the child inside me has not.  I’m still here on Redcliffe Beach.  I’m still fishing for the tiger shark on a pier long swept away by time and tide.  I can still see the pie cart, the Saturday night dance, and the speedway, and first love. I remember visibly my childhood days here and I will dwell on my Redcliffe for as long as I live.” Excerpt from a recollection by Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees
  • ‘Learnt lots of fascinating facts about where I now live.’ Quote from Visitor’s Book
  • ‘Outstanding, from Daytona Beach, Florida.’ Quote from Visitor’s Book
  • 'I liked it a lot, better than I expected. Modern.’ Quote from Visitor’s Book

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