Capturing your memories - spoken stories

Do you have a story to tell about Redcliffe or Bribie Island in the old days, or sailing on the steamship Koopa? We want to hear it! We are keen to preserve your memories in our archives for future generations to her and learn from.

Koopa memories

The Koopa steamboat was a vital link between Redcliffe, Bribie Island and the mainland for many decades. 2021 marks 110 years since the S.S Koopa made her first trip on Moreton Bay.

Do you remember being aboard as a child? Who did you come with and why?


Do you remember the ride over the Hornibrook Bridge and the chats with the toll man?  Maybe you stayed in accommodation or decided to live here permanently?  We invite you to share stories about your time on our beautiful peninsula.

Bribie Island

Do you have memories of Bribie Island past? Did you visit and frolic on Bribie’s shores as a youngster, or did you grow up here? We would like to hear your wonderful memories and stories.

Share your memories

Share your memory with us via the online form. Once we receive your form, we will be in contact with you. We will arrange a time that suits you for us to chat over the phone, so we can hear and record your stories. It doesn’t matter whether you think your story is big or small, exciting or ordinary - they all help to capture the essence of Redcliffe, Bribie Island and the Koopa.

Share your memories