The Hub Gallery exhibition applicant information

Who can apply?

Applications for exhibitions at the Hub Gallery are open to creatives from all arts disciplines including painting, drawing, photography, installation, sculpture, and multimedia.

We invite applications from:

  • artists living within the City of Moreton Bay
  • artists living outside the City of Moreton Bay but have connections to the region
  • artists living outside the City of Moreton Bay whose artworks/exhibition rationale is relevant to the communities of City of Moreton Bay
  • local schools and art groups or collectives.

We encourage young people, First Nations peoples, and artists from diverse backgrounds to apply. 

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Will the exhibiting artist need to supervise the gallery space?

No, the Caboolture Regional Art Gallery staff will watch over The Hub Gallery space and assist visitors with enquiries. However, we encourage that you attend and use the space as much as possible.

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What are the responsibilities of the exhibiting artists?

  • Providing ready-to-hang artworks for the exhibition space, for example, such D-rings on 2D artworks.
  • Delivery and collection of the artwork to and from the gallery.
  • Attending installation of the artworks in the exhibition space and work with staff to prepare the space for exhibition.
  • Providing promotional images to include on Council’s website.
  • Providing the didactic label information prior to the exhibition.
  • If artworks are for sale, this will be directly handled by the artist. Gallery staff will forward enquiries to the artist.
  • Promotion of the exhibition to your networks through your own channels.
  • Developing and printing any additional promotional collateral for the exhibition (for example DL flyers and posters).
  • Organising an exhibition opening if desired, including arranging catering, invitations and speeches.

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What is the gallery responsible for?

  • Opening and closing the gallery space on opening days and ensuring it is clean and visitor ready.
  • Taking visitor enquiries and offering further information about the artist and artworks.
  • Providing support for the exhibition installation which can include equipment, hanging materials and display furniture.
  • Council will publicise and promote the exhibition and events via our website. Inclusion in other social media and newsletters is only where possible and not guaranteed.

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About the exhibition space

This versatile space has hosted a wide variety of exhibitions. It has 28 linear wall metres and a floor area of 34 square metres. There is a movable wall that can be placed along the wall track, as indicated in the floor plan.

There are four walls that can be affixed and one concrete wall that has a hanging track. Plinths, display stands and magnets are available upon request as well as some technology items such as TV screens, and headphones.

Floor plan

Total linear measurement is twenty five and four metres. The wall height is three metres. The movable wall width is two metres and its height is three metres.

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