Moreton Bay Region Outdoor Gallery - 2022 winners

As part of the Moreton Bay Region Art Prize for 2022, artists were invited to enter their works to be part of the inaugural Outdoor Gallery. The artworks of the six finalists will be displayed on banners at various locations across the Moreton Bay Region from 7 May to 5 June 2022. Congratulations to the following artists for having their works selected:

Between Worlds - Repair

Rachel Apelt, 2022

Artist statement: A watery inner space unfolds, where connection and repair can happen between worlds. This image began will small, intimate mixed media cyanotypes that I made in response to climate grief. I’ve digitalised and scaled up the imagery, sending an impulse for repair beyond myself: out of a wider world.

Judge's note: Dream-like sequence of skillfully layered imagery, both legible and intriguing, expressing a gentle humanist warmth.

Outdoor gallery locations: You can find this banner at

  • John Naumann Hall, Deception Bay Road, Deception Bay | View map
  • Corner Eatons Crossing and Bunya Roads, Draper | View map

Threshold 2

Elizabeth Bach, 2022

Artist statement: The cheerful colours of the flowers in my garden became the starting point for ‘Threshold 2’. This involved making decisions and problem solving, using more simplified shapes and overlapping them to create depth and interest. Applying paint in different colours and glazes invites close inspection of the process.

Judge's note: Glowing, auratic, evocative abstraction – rich organic colours and textures with an inviting, anchoring overlay.

Outdoor gallery locations: You can find this banner at

Roller Girl

Tegan Conway-Ushaw, 2021

Artist statement: Roller Girl is a retro scene in a modern Scarborough setting. Through 35mm film, I try to replicate sights and scenes from years gone by. The colours and shadows elicit a feeling of youth and freedom of the past.

Judge's note: An image that is both understated and impactful – an unexpected detail from everyday life that conjures myriad feelings and associations. Highly relatable while also intriguing.

Outdoor gallery location: You can find this banner at

  • Light Horse Memorial Park, Mango Hill | View map
  • John Davidson Park, Bray Park | View map

Wattle You Do Without Us

Peta Fraser, 2022

Artist statement: Wattle You Do Without Us is a three part, digital mixed medium, reflecting on the importance of both Native Plants in our environment and the interconnectedness of land and plants with Australia’s First Nations Peoples. If you keep erasing us – Wattle You Do Without Us…

Judge's note: Intense and impactful work; skillful digital design; original expression of First Nations’ cultural connection to Country.

Outdoor gallery location: You can find this banner at

  • CREEC, Rowley Road, Burpengary | View map
  • Corner Eatons Crossing and Queen Elizabeth Roads, Eatons Hill | View map

My Moreton, Qld No.2

Amanda Nouwens, 2022

Artist statement: The gentle waves, the Shield St jetty, and my Moreton in the distance. Serene, inviting and calm as the setting sun lights up the whole sky in gentle shades of pink, blue and yellow, A most fabulous place to be.

Judge's note: A sublime, iridescent work with an uplifting feeling, capturing a poetic oneness – bringing immediate recognition and connection which is also lasting.

Outdoor gallery location: You can find this banner at

  • Bicentennial Park, Redcliffe | View map
  • Allen McKenzie Park, Dayboro | View map

Residents of Moreton

Rachel South, 2022

Artist statement: Moreton Bay covers a vast area of mountains, valleys and communities. We also have some of the richest flora and fauna. When I reflect on this as a whole, ‘Residents of Moreton’ was formed. Exploring the evolving nature of mental health in our daily ventures and links between human spirit and the natural environment. Moreton Bay embodies this landscape and has been an important place of residence for the majority of my life, providing abundant subjects to be inspired by.

Judge's note: Dramatic and delightful – a fantastical quality with memorable appeal – rich detail, original.

Outdoor gallery location: You can find this banner at

  • Theo Greene Park, Ningi | View map
  • Old Gympie Rd and Viney Ave, Kallangur | View map