Moreton Bay Region Art Awards - 2017 winners

Overall winners

Kuru yultu

Eunice Napanangka
Artist statement: In this painting Eunice depicts her father's Tjukurrpa (Dreaming). It shows Kulata (spear) how he threw out the nulla nulla near Tjukurrla in Western Australia. He was hitting the floor with the nulla nulla and by doing that created a waterhole, which is shown in the circles of the painting.


Rochelle Summerfield
Artist statement: The setting is the lush riverscapes of the Clarence Valley, Northern NSW. The artwork explores human transformation through paradox. The more we domesticate the landscape the more we search to find connection to the ‘wild’, in ourselves and in nature. The heroine floats in a secluded grotto immersed within herself, and for now free from technology, seeking connection to nature.

Local Artist Award

Martin Skateboarding with the City Cat

Martin Edge
Artist statement: I am an emerging naïve painter, based in the Moreton Bay area. Like many naïve artists, my work references my everyday life. In this particular work, the viewer sees a fictional day in the life of the artist.

People's Choice Award

Fire 'n' Flood

Rob Roy
Artist statement: I love the extremes that this beautiful country throws in our way. I am very much interested in the colour and energy that regenerate in a landscape after fire but in this case fire quickly followed by flood at a local Pine Plantation in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. This extreme moment captured in 2013 and put to print in 2014.

Merit Awards


Veronica Cay
Artist statement: ‘Passage’ refers to place and time. In these memory drawings from my childhood on Bribie Island C1960 the marks are an attempt to evoke memories of place – truth is suspended in the shifting, adjusting and layering of marks and materials. It is a way of building and reflecting on experience, attempts have been made to capture the freedoms enjoyed during childhood.

Returned I

Jacinta Giles
Artist statement: My practice explores how the void, the banal, and the estrangement of the object can be used to visually portray sense memory. Attributed to the French poet and Holocaust survivor Charlotte Delbo, sense memory is a registering of the effect of memory through the body; a physical imprint of the event.

Moreton Bay Beauty

Linda Smith
Artist statement: I have the pleasure living near one of the most beautiful parts of Australia, Moreton Bay. I moved from the seeing the central desert animals to the ocean animals. Knowing the importance of the Central Australia animals are to my tribe, I felt the connection with the amazing animals that call Moreton Bay home. The sea turtle is a magnificent creature that glides in the ocean.

Not To Be Ignored (series)

Joanne Braddy
Artist statement: I have dealt with depression for over half of my life and found that it has been ignored, because it cannot be seen. I felt like an outsider. I have related my depression with the colour blue and painted my sculptures blue as a symbol to make them visually stand out, to be seen and not ignored.

In Celebration: Padded and embroidered double fish and lotus hanging. Qiangyang, Shaanxi Province

Mandy Ridley
Artist statement: This early work shows the artist’s enduring fascination for handcrafted objects and plays with materiality, scale and pattern. Humble fabric scraps stitched into a hanging are transformed with contemporary industrial materials and at heroic size to show a universal desire for abundance and wealth, particularly in marriage or partnerships and a longing for the purity that the lotus symbolises.

Tree of Life

Ann Russell
Artist statement: Trees are crucial to environmental health and therefore our existence. Yet, we are still clearing large areas of forest to enable our consumerist lifestyle. This tree, made from the stuff we throw away, shows us the magical quality of trees.