Moreton Bay Region Art Awards - 2014 winners

Overall winners

The Royal Oaks

James and Eleanor Avery
The Royal Oak takes its title from an English oak tree where King Charles II hid from the Roundheads in 1651. The tree was destroyed by tourists cutting pieces off for souvenirs. The Royal Oak is now a popular British pub name and our work references the royal tree relic merged with a 1970s vintage pub ashtray.

Sugar Bag Story

Josie Kunoth Petyarre
The term ‘sugar bags’ is used to describe the sweet honey made by one of around 14 species of native stingless bees found across Australia. As a visual motif, it is one of the most variable and iconic in Australian Indigenous art. For thousands of years, sugar bags have adorned the faces of rock-art sites in the Kimberley, Arnhem Land and the Central Desert.

People's Choice Award

Eternal Sand and Surf

Trisha Mason
The tide ebbs and flows, swirling the transient sands and rhythmically pulsing the dancing sea grass as baby turtles seek the waves to introduce them to their waiting lives. This snapshot moment is encased in the memories of a sea life gone and the stories yet to be told. All the while the eternal sand and surf is forever changing, forever constant.

Local Artist Award

Green House Dreaming

Paul Saxby
Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, climate cynics have seemingly won the debate.. to our ultimate shame.

Merit Awards

Tim Skiizz

Sam Scoufos


Paul Snell

Elwood Scene #1

Katrin Koenning

Rainbow Glitterbombs

Cameron Eaton