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Heat is the transference of thermal energy from one object to another. Using these scientific principles, artists have been manipulating heat and its by-products for millennia. Harnessing this element provides a multitude of possibilities to express ideas and viewpoints.

Heat shares the works of contemporary artists who utilise air, sun and fire to create.

Featuring works from artists Jordan Azcune, Peta Berghofer, Sonja Carmichael, Elisa Jane Carmichael, Kirralee Robinson, Yasmin Smith and Shireen Taweel. Alongside works by Megan Cope, Lindy Lee, Stephen Newton and the Hermannsburg Potters from the Moreton Bay Regional Council Art Collection.

Exhibition developed by Moreton Bay Regional Council.

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Image credit: Lindy Lee, Stealing bamboo shoots, 2011. Moreton Bay Regional Council Art Collection.

This exhibition is part of Hot Hot Hot Festival - a summer celebration of arts and culture in Moreton Bay.



  • Saturday, 10 December 2022 - Saturday, 04 February 2023


Redcliffe Art Gallery, 1 Irene Street, Redcliffe 4020  View map

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