Sustainability at MSEC

MSEC is committed to minimising the impact of our operation on the environment and as such our centre adheres to the following practices:

Water efficiency and quality

  • Rain water is collected from the stadium roof and stored in water tanks and recycled for flushing amenities.

Energy efficiency

  • We have a ‘switch-off policy’ in place for all lights, air-conditioning, heating and other electronic devices when rooms and offices are not in use.
  • Sensor lights are installed in all storage areas and meeting rooms.
  • Natural light is utilised during cleaning and set up for events where possible. The stadiums feature large skylights which allow for use during the day without lighting.

Pollution prevention

  • Microfibre technology is used for cleaning which reduces the need for chemicals and paper.
  • Our cleaners are are uniquely qualified to deliver safe and sustainable cleaning services.

Workplace practices

  • Our staff are committed to the sustainable practices of our business operation.