Canals are artificial waterways connected or intended to be connected to tidal water and from which boating access to the tidal water is available. There are three canal areas in our region that Council assists property owners to maintain.

Canal area maps

Council has compiled maps showing the three canal areas within the region:

Fact sheets

Fact sheets are available summarising the canal maintenance plans and other relevant canal related information:

Newport Pontoon Envelope Guideline

A guideline for determining appropriate dimensions for new pontoons within the Newport canals has been developed to minimise the potential for damage to a pontoon through grounding. This guideline can assist when upgrading, replacing or installing a new pontoon, but it does not apply retrospectively for existing pontoons. It may be acceptable for a pontoon to exceed the pontoon envelope dimensions if a suitable qualified engineer can design a pontoon that accommodates grounding without damage. 

Newport survey 2015

The complete survey of the Newport Canal system from 2015 is available together with maps of the last three dredging campaigns and the areas for the 2016/17 dredging campaign.

Canal maintenance plan reports

In 2016 Council commissioned specialist consultants to undertake a review of the maintenance requirements of the canal systems and update the long term maintenance plans. These maintenance plans are concept level planning tools used to guide planned maintenance activities and also to identify funding requirements for the work.

Special rates are charged for services, facilities and activities that have a special association with canal frontage properties in the region. Council’s special rates include:

  • Bribie Gardens Canal Maintenance Special Charge
  • Newport Canal Maintenance Special Charge
  • Pacific Harbour Canal Maintenance Special Charge

The areas to which the special charges apply can be found at:

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