Request or change bin service

Need to request a new or make changes to your kerbside bin collection service?

New bin service

Service applies to newly built houses, multi residential, multi residential with commercial and commercial premises within the defined waste collection area.

Note: only the property owner or managing agent can request a commencement of service.

  • Residential
    Please contact Council to organise your household or commercial wheelie bin service.
  • Multi residential / multi residential with commercial premises
    If you are a resident – please check with your body corporate or site manager for current waste servicing arrangements.
    If you are a Developer or Site Manager – please contact Council.
    Submission of a development application with a waste management strategy must be approved, prior to arranging the commencement of a service.
  • Managing Agents
    Managing agents that are registered with Council, can submit new bin service requests online. To register for this online access, or for further enquiries please contact Council.
  • Commercial premises
    Council kerbside collection is not compulsory and commercial properties can engage their own contractor. A rated commercial waste management charge will apply.

To apply for a Council waste collection service, please complete a domestic or commercial kerbside collection form to request a service.

Bin sizes

Bin sizes for dwelling types
Type Residential Multi Residential Multi Res with Commercial Commercial
Waste bin
Green / red lid
120 or 240 litre 120 or 240 litre 120 or 240 litre 240 litre
Recycling bin
Yellow lid
240 litre 240 litre 240 litre 240 litre
Waste bulk bin
(serviced by arrangement)
n/a 1100 litre, 1, 2, 3 and 4m3 1100 litre, 1, 2, 3 and 4m3 Private contractor

† Dependant on a number of conditions, Multi Residential and Multi Residential with Commercial properties will have their bin services determined at the Development Application stage.

Additional bins & services

Residential and commercial premises are able to arrange for the delivery of additional bins or request additional services in a normal service week (conditions apply):

  • Permanent arrangement
    Only the property owner or managing agent are authorised to request additional bins or additional services of current bins, as fees are applied to rates - complete a domestic or commercial kerbside collection form to request.
  • Temporary arrangement
    Property owner, occupier or managing agent can request the delivery of additional bins or additional services as a temporary arrangement, please contact Council. Note: charges apply and are paid at the time of request.

Cancel service

Cancellation of a service may only be requested by the property owner or managing agent with appropriate identification.

Cancellation of a service applies to following situations:

  • Cancel additional bin service arrangement
  • Cancel service to commercial property
    (commercial waste management charge remains on the rates)
    Please complete a kerbside collection form and return to Council.
  • Building and/or demolishing a structure?
    The property owner, occupier or managing agent is requested to contact Council for building/demolition requirements.

Bin size alterations

Different bin sizes are available for residential properties.

The property owner / managing agent may request a change of bin size, contact Council by phone. Charges apply and are required to be paid at the time of request.

Bin sizes

Broken / damaged / stolen bins

Property owner, occupier or managing agent may contact Council to advise if their bin is cracked, damaged, broken or has been stolen. Council's contractor may repair or replace the residential or commercial wheelie bins.

Missed bin service

General waste or recycling bins may be missed for a number of reasons. As from 1 July 2012, residents may have a change to their household waste and recycling wheelie bin collection times from July 2012.

Where possible the contractor may place a sticker onto the bin or leave a note under the lid to indicate why the bin wasn't serviced.

Reasons for a missed service:

  • Bin wasn't on the kerbside for service between 6.00am - 6.00pm
  • Truck may have a change in routes, full load to empty, roadworks impeding access
  • Incorrect recycling week
  • Incorrect service day
  • Bin is overfull - lid must be closed when on the kerbside (if too full take out excess waste and replace after bin has been serviced. Break up large items to fit within the bin)
  • Bin is contaminated with hazardous or unsuitable waste, see kerbside bins
  • Contents of the bin jammed
  • Bin is too heavy - lifting arm of garbage truck is only permitted to lift up to 40kg
  • Bin is not a Council issued or rated bin

Council must be advised within 2 working days (from the day of service) of a missed bin.

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