Volunteer program

Council has a very active volunteer program that operates across 21 different program areas, attracting over 1870 volunteers to assist Council with its community programs and services. Some have been with Council for over 20 years. Council values the significant contribution made by community members who volunteer their time to support these diverse services.

The age range for volunteers with Council is 12 to 90 years and applications from outside that age range will require consideration by the program area concerned.

Please note that from time to time volunteer programs reach capacity and are not able to provide volunteer placements. Some programs only recruit at specific times when volunteers are required. Applicants will be advised of vacancies or recruitment times on receipt of expression of interest.

Benefits of becoming a volunteer

Volunteering is the commitment of time and energy to the provision of services and programs that benefit the community and the volunteer. It is undertaken freely and by choice, without financial gain and in designated volunteer positions only. Volunteering takes many forms and can take both an episodic informal and a more structured formalised approach”.

Volunteers significantly enhance the quality of life, community spirit and leisure time opportunities in the region and volunteering promotes enduring social, cultural, environmental and economic value to Council and the community.

Council also recognises that it is important for members of the community to have the opportunity to participate more in community life and to give of and develop their skills, interests and expertise. Without our volunteers Council would be unable to offer the quality and depth of programming and services provided to the community.

Council is committed to meeting best practice standards for the volunteer program and providing a collaborative, supportive and safe working environment for volunteers. In addition Council aspires to make the volunteer experience an enjoyable and rewarding one and to encourage personal and professional growth for Council volunteers.

Becoming a volunteer is a great way to:

  • Get actively involved in your community
  • Help someone else
  • Build confidence
  • Meet new people
  • Feel needed by the community
  • Learn new skills
  • Gain valuable job experience
  • Make a difference

Council volunteer programs

Council volunteer program areas currently in operation across the region:

Interested in volunteering?

If you are interested in volunteering with Council:

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