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Building a brighter future

At the heart of The Mill at Moreton Bay is a full-scale University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) campus. Work to build this campus will kick off in late November 2017. Located adjacent to the Petrie Train Station (which is the junction of the Redcliffe Peninsula and Caboolture Rail Lines), the core of the campus will comprise what is known as the foundation facilities. These facilities will provide world-class study opportunities to residents in the Moreton Bay Region. These facilities will ready to welcome the first students in 2020.

Site map

Foundation facilities

The university's foundation facilities will be an iconic building structure located at the entrance to the former Petrie Paper Mill site. Located on former State Government-owned land, the site for the buildings is perfectly positioned for transport, will be visually striking and will allow the remainder of the site to be developed over time in an integrated manner. Using this site will also complement strategic plans to enhance the environmental outcomes for the balance of the PDA.


Early works for the foundation facilities will commence with approved clearing and earthworks, from November 2017.

Construction of the buildings should commence early 2018.

Work on the foundation facilities will be complete in time to open for students in 2020.

Earthworks and filling

Site earthworks and filling are being undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the development approvals; requirements and conditions of the State and Federal Governments; and site-specific environmental management plans. These plans address traffic management (for fill haulage), vegetation management, fauna management, water quality and air quality.

Other works on site

Whilst works are underway to support development of the University's Foundation Facilities, significant other areas of the site continue to be remediated by the former owner, Orora under an approved Property Decommissioning Plan. This work involves extensive excavation and backfilling activities along with importing and exporting of materials from site. All work is subject to independent verification and is the responsibility of Orora under the contract of sale with council. Haulage routes for fill associated with remediation works are also subject to an assessment and review process.

Future works

Whilst the foundation facilities will be complete by 2020, the university's presence on the site will expand over time to cater for up to 10,000 university students in its first 10 years.

Meanwhile, concept planning remains ongoing to identify opportunities for complementary site uses. Council expects the overall redevelopment of the site to be complete by 2036.

Site progress updates

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