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Moreton Bay convict records

Held by Queensland State Archives:

  • Series ID 10822
    Registers of Cases and Treatment 1830-1862
    These registers of cases and treatment kept by the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement Hospital, later Brisbane Hospital, include entries for the patient's name, age, date admitted, disease and treatment. Under the headings for disease and treatment there may be chronological entries relating to the patient's on-going condition and treatment. Dates of discharge or death may also be included.
  • Series ID 10820
    Daily Register of the Numbers of Persons at the Moreton Bay Settlement 1829
    This Daily Register of the health of the settlement and the numbers of persons at the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement was kept in accordance with regulation 26 of 1829. The entries vary slightly over time but each daily entry usually includes the date, the number of sick military and prisoners and the number of military and prisoners and officers on the settlement sub-divided into men, women and children. There is also a daily entry for the state of the weather with entries such as "morning fine noon and evening ditto" and thermometer readings for morning, noon and evening.
  • Item ID 869689
    Chronological register of convicts at Moreton Bay 1824-1839 (indexed on Queensland State Archives website)
  • Item ID 869684
    Book of Monthly Returns of Land under Cultivation 1829-1837
  • Item ID 869686
    Book of Half-Yearly Returns of Burials 1832-1836
    Burials performed at the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement
  • Item ID 896452
    Return of Certificates of Freedom 1845
    This series comprises a register of Certificates of Freedom issued to convicts. The register was maintained by the Commissioner of Crown Lands Darling Downs to record certificates forwarded by the Principal Superintendent of Convicts. Details include: name, ship transported by, year of transportation, date and reference of certificate and remarks relating to delivery. The volume which contains this series also includes various other records generated for or by the Commissioner of Crown Lands, Darling Downs, prior to separation of Queensland from New South Wales
  • Item ID 869681
    Book of Public Labour Performed by Crown Prisoners (Spicer’s Diary) 1828-1829
    This volume provides "A daily account of Public Labour performed by Crown Prisoners at Moreton Bay" in accordance with Governor Brisbane's instructions of 1824.
  • Item ID 869688
    Book of Monthly Returns of Prisoners Maintained 1829-1837
    This series consists of monthly returns of prisoners and their employment at Moreton Bay penal settlement. These returns were kept in compliance with Governor Brisbane's instructions of 1824, and regulation 26.5 of 1829.
  • Item ID 869683
    Book of Returns of Agricultural Produce 1829-1837
    Record of crops grown and livestock kept at the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement
  • Series ID 3739
    Moreton Bay Penal Settlement Maps and Architectural Drawings 1830-1848
  • Item ID 869685
    Book of Half-Yearly Returns of Baptisms 1832-1835
  • Item ID 869686
    Book of half-yearly returns of burials at Moreton Bay penal settlement 1832-1836
  • Item ID 869687
    Ships' lists on leaving Moreton Bay Penal Settlement 1833-1837
  • Item ID 869682
    Book of Trials 1835-1842
  • Series ID 8884
    Coastal Survey Field Books
    Robert Hoddle's survey field books for his coastal survey in the vicinity of Moreton Bay as well as surveys from Port Jackson to Port Curtis 9/10/1824 – 11/10/1824
  • Item ID 714338 - Map
    An outline of the Bremer River from the Limestone Station down to its junction with the Brisbane; to which is added, the course pursued ... to an intersection of the Brisbane... first visited by the late John Oxley Esq., in Sep. 1824.
  • Item ID 714331 - Map 
    Brisbane River by Major Lockyer, September 1825
  • Item ID 620617
    Chart of coastline from C. Byron to Bribie Island, Moreton Bay District, surveyed by Lieut. Sterling 1825
  • Item ID 111951
    Chart of Moreton Bay showing Cape Byron to Cape Moreton 1825
  • Item ID 714405
    Chart of Moreton Bay, Southern entrance with the Mouth of Brisbane River and Red Ciliff Point, by John M. Gray, Pilot of Port Jackson 1824
  • Item ID 620610
    Photographic print of a copy of the original Chart of Moreton Bay southern entrance with the mouth of the River Brisbane
    by John M Gray, Pilot of Port Jackson 1824
  • Item ID 620611
    Photographic print of chart of passage between North Stradbroke Island and Moreton Island, Moreton Bay 1824
  • Item ID 634466
    Photographic print of Plan of the entrance to the Brisbane River 1825
  • Item ID 714339
    Plan of Bremer River from Limestone Station to Junction of the Brisbane 1824
  • Item ID 714342
    Plottings of part of Moreton Bay by Surveyor Hoddle, 1824
  • Item ID 714343
    Plottings of part of Moreton Bay by Surveyor Hoddle, 1824
  • Item ID 714344
    Plottings of part of Moreton Bay by Surveyor Hoddle, 1824
  • Item ID 620411
    The Upper and Lowers of the Brisbane River system as observed by Major G Lockyer in September 1825
  • Item ID 324913
    Catalogue of Survey plans 1823-1879

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