Healthy and Active MoretonHeather takes aim with Archery

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Over 1800 residents have participated in this year's Adventure program discovering a range of activities, sport and recreation to keep them healthy, active and making connections with local clubs.

One participant, Heather from Deception Bay has uncovered an unexpected passion for Archery after attending an activity with the Samford Valley Target Archers Club.

"My favourite has been archery, which I will be partaking in the beginner's course with my son in the coming month. I think I would like to join the club, the members we met were wonderful. My sister and I hung around chatting about archery after the adventure session had ended and they were more than happy to answer questions and have a chat."

Heather explained that she has been interested in pursuing archery after shooting a bow at the Medieval Festival a few years back, so when she saw archery in the Moreton Bay Regional Councils Adventure program, "I booked my sister and myself in as soon as I could".

We wish Heather all the best with her new passion and she has some final words for anyone thinking about trying something new "Do it!! If you're like me and wanted to try but didn't pursue and the opportunity is there, do it, the feeling of accomplishment is rewarding. Even if it wasn't for you at least you had a go."

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