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'eServices has detected the following errors that need to be corrected' | 'Your eServices session has expired' message | 'An error occurred within eServices' message | Credit card payment errors | Other errors | I can't see all my accounts

'eServices has detected the following errors that need to be corrected'

This message indicates there are fields within the form which need to be completed before proceeding or have been entered incorrectly. Typically the specific field or section of the form is also identified.

    'Your eServices session has expired' message

    eServices will time out after a period no use and an eServices session expired warning will be displayed.  Follow the instructions within the error to return to the home page or sign in again.  If needed refer to the section continuing or editing an incomplete submission.

    'An error occurred within eServices' message

    Typically, the "eServices has detected an error..." message indicates that something has gone wrong.  Use the following information to troubleshoot the issue.

    Links from the MBRC website

    1. Check the top of the page within eServices for any outages or known issues.
    2. Close the eServices screen or tab and try the link again.
    3. Clear browser history (Please note that clearing your cache may erase settings e.g. passwords for eServices and other websites. )
    4. If the issue persists, contact Council to investigate the eServices error.

    Started entering details in to a form

    If yes, follow these steps:

    1. If eServices was idle for 20 minutes or more the session may have timed out.
    2. Check the size of attached documents.
    3. If the issue continues, contact Council to investigate the eServices error.

    Credit card payment errors

    Errors may occur at different stages of the payment process.

    eServices Payment - enter reference number

    • Not found error - the number supplied does not correspond to Council's records.  Check the number entered or contact Council to verify the number.
    • Ticket number not in the system yet -  the ticket has not been updated in Council's database.  Please wait 24 hours before trying again.

    Payment Entry (NAB Transact) - enter credit card details page

    • Invalid Credit Card Number: please check the card number entered.
    • Expired Card - Pick Up: please check the expiry month and year entered.
    • Payment Declined (do not honour): please check all card details entered.
    • Insufficient Funds: The bank has reported that the account has insufficient funds to process the payment.
    • Trans not permitted to cardholder: eServices accepts MasterCard and Visa card only.  Please check your card details before trying again.
    • This request has already been paid for and submitted (usually due to a previous attempt) - therefore it cannot be processed again: A payment for this online reference has been processed recently.  Please check for receipts or contact Council to ensure the payment has been processed.
    • The request to the payment server has timed out.  Please try again later:  Check the top of the page within eServices for any known outages or contact Council.

    Card Statement Enquiries and Disputes

    Transactions via eServices will appear on your card statement as MBRC Online Strathpine.  If you have any enquiries regarding a payment contact Council.

    Other errors

    404 Not found error - This error can occur for a number of reasons.  Please follow the steps for the 'An error occurred in eServices' message.

    I can't see all my accounts

    Can I see rates accounts for a property where I was the previous owner?

    No, rates accounts are only displayed to current owners.

    Can I see rates accounts for a property where my partner is the current owner?

    eServices registrations are linked only to the individual and all accounts connected to that person. There is no visibility between people or users.

    Changed name, what to do?

    If there has been a change of name recently submit a change of name application. If still unable to view an account, please contact Council to ensure our name records are current.

    Can't see outstanding balances for all accounts?

    My Accounts displays outstanding balances of a select list of accounts (rates, bookings, debtors and infringements) only. If the registered name is not linked to these accounts, it will not be shown. Contact council to confirm.

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