Sports field permit

Council’s new Community Leasing Policy

Council has recently adopted its first regional community leasing policy which will create equity between the tenure arrangements that hundreds of community organisations have with Council over a range of public facilities and sports fields.

In accordance with this policy, sporting organisations will now be required to enter into a three year sports field permit which will detail the allocated days and times of use based on the requirements of each sporting organisation. 

The provision of a three year permit with set days and times will provide sports organisations with certainty around their access to the sports fields and will assist with the scheduling of training and fixtures.

Applications for a sports field permit

Sports organisations will be required to complete an online Sports Field Permit Application for the ongoing use of Council-managed sports fields. Applications will then be assessed by Council, with organisations advised of the outcome of their request and provided with a Sport Field Permit document for signing. 

Making an application

Step 1
Gather the following information before commencing the online form:

  • Electronic copy of your Certificate of Incorporation 
  • Electronic copy of your Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance for the value of at least $20 million
  • Completed sports field requirements application form (document opens in new window) [XLS 40KB] with training and competition dates and times to be requested. If your organisation operates from multiple sites, please complete a Sports Field Requirements Application form for each site and attach with your application. Please refer to the maps below which identify Council’s field numbering for each site and complete the application form on this basis.
  • Completed community leasing renewal application form (not required if this form has been submitted already this year)

Step 2
Have your eServices username and password ready. Complete the registration form if your organisation is not already registered or use the forgotten your password? if any of the details are missing.

Step 3
Use the online form to Apply Now


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