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NOTE: All attendees need to be affiliated with a sporting or community organisation within the region.

Keep your sport or recreation organisation up to date and up skilled through council’s free and subsidised workshops and training, online courses and club planning opportunities.


Asset management and maintenance

What assets does your organisation have? Are they being looked after? Can your organisation afford to replace them? Find out how to put a plan in place.

Back to basics - Good financial practices

It is time to get back to basics and review your organisation’s financial practices. Take a comprehensive look at what is actually happening with your organisation’s money.

Back to basics - How to run meetings & take minutes

It is time to get back to basics and review how your organisation's meetings are planned, conducted and recorded.

Back to basics - Roles and responsibilities of committees

It is time to get back to basics and learn about the role of committees and their responsibilities.

Club development planning

Does your sports organisation need a development plan? Where would you like to see your organisation in 3 years? Learn how to develop a strategic plan for volunteers, facilities, governance and marketing.

Disaster management planning

Coping with the unexpected. Learn how to develop a Disaster Preparedness Plan for your organisation.

Making better use of technology

Is your sports organisation making the most of cost effective technology? Find out what could work for your organisation.

Modern Club Management

The Modern Club Management workshop series is designed to assist community sport and recreation organisations with practical step-by-step solutions to improve governance, committee development and volunteer management practices..
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Moreton Bay Sports Conference

This bi-annual event covers many aspects of club management with several workshops rolled into a one day format.

Volunteer recruitment and management

How well does your organisation support one of its most vital assets - its volunteers? Get tips on attracting and retaining quality volunteers.

Online training

Food safety

Learn how to implement safe food handling practices at your facility.

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