Sport and Recreation

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Council encourages residents of all ages to pursue healthy and active lifestyles. With a variety of quality sporting facilities and recreation programs available, council provides significant support to local sport and recreation organisations.

  • Facilities and field closures

    Moreton Bay Region is home to many high-quality sporting facilities for the community to enjoy. Find out if fields are open or closed and information regarding clubs operating at the facilities.

    • Healthy & Active Moreton recreation programs

      Provides an avenue for Moreton Bay Region residents to be more active, more often through an exciting range of activities, programs and initiatives.

      • Club support

        Council recognises the importance of volunteer-based community and sporting organisations in establishing and developing a strong community network and improving the lifestyle of residents.

      • Current tenants

        Organisations operating from council sport and recreation facilities have obligations under their tenure agreements. Find out more about maintenance, obtaining approval to make improvements or requesting additional keys and locks.

      • Outdoor recreation

        Moreton Bay is a vast region set amongst a diverse landscape offering numerous recreation opportunities including pristine beaches, outdoor activities, wildlife experiences and inspiring natural beauty.

        • Swimming pools

          Moreton Bay Regional Council operates heated and learn to swim pools at various locations throughout the region. The facilities provide access to recreation and leisure opportunities and a healthy lifestyle for residents.

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