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Proposed Moreton Bay Regional Council Local Amendment Subordinate Local Law No. 1 (Advertising Devices) 2018

Council regulates the display of certain advertising devices on public or private land via its Local Laws. This includes election signage.

Court action has been launched against council seeking to remove certain aspects of these regulations in relation to election signage. This includes limits on the period, and the number of election signs that can be displayed throughout the community.

Council seeks to strike a fair balance between the Constitutional right to communicate about political matters and protecting the community. As a result of the court action, council is reviewing its regulation of elections signs.

Potential changes to Council’s regulation of election signs would include:

  • election signs which meet prescribed criteria (e.g. if they are supervised) could be displayed on public land year-round (instead of only 42 days before an election date);
  • election signs which meet prescribed criteria (e.g. if they are a certain size) could be displayed on private land up to 3 months before an election date (instead of only 42 days before an election date);
  • there would be an unlimited number of election signs that could be displayed in an electorate (e.g. instead of a limit of up to 300 signs for some candidates); and
  • election signs which did not meet the prescribed criteria (including size criteria) would be subject to an assessment process before they could be displayed. This assessment process would consider impacts on health & safety, visual amenity, the environment and infrastructure (amongst other things). A fee would be payable for this assessment.

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Have your say and provide your feedback on these potential changes, with this second round of consultation closing 5.00pm on 5 September 2018.

Please note that feedback received during the first round of consultation will be considered by council as part of the overall consultation process.

Consultation has now closed

Relevant documents:

Hard copies of associated documents are also available for viewing at council's customer service centres.

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