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  1. Problem trees & removals
    Complaints regarding trees, clearing of trees and vegetation, tree roots.
  2. Habitat trees brochure
    View the Habitat trees brochure online below, including information about how habitat trees help our native animals.
  3. Download - Habitat trees brochure
    Information about habitat trees. Without habitat trees, many of our most precious native animals could not survive.
  4. Habitat trees, hollows & nest boxes
    Hollows developed in old trees have the potential to provide important habitat for many native animals. 
  5. National tree day planting (family)
    Come and be part of the country's largest community tree planting and nature-care event.
  6. School holiday activity: Wishing tree tags
    Caboolture Regional Art Gallery have built their very own wishing tree; create your own tages to make a wish which willo help our tree grow.
  7. Pine Rivers Policy WS PK.20 - Trees in Anzac Avenue, Kallangur
    It is Council’s policy to maintain the original intent of ANZAC Avenue as a tree lined memorial avenue.
  8. Woody Point Park
    Large grassed area with shady trees. There are no facilities available in this park.
  9. Footpaths
    Footpaths are in place to promote pedestrian movement in a safe manner along roadsides and residents must not obstruct in a manner that creates a nuisance or safety issues.
  10. Glossy black-cockatoo
    The Glossy Black-Cockatoo, (Calyptorhynchus lathami) is recognised as a threatened species under State legislation, and is the rarest of Australia’s cockatoos.
  11. Tingira Park - Scarborough
    With views to Moreton Island this park is very secluded with large shady trees. There are no facilities available at this park.
  12. Pine Rivers Policy WS PK.21 - Pine Rivers Reafforestation Projects
    This policy outlines how Council will endeavour to provide practical support to community initiated tree planting projects on Council owned or controlled land.
  13. Suttons Beach Park - Redcliffe
    Great views overlooking Moreton Island. Large lawn area with shady trees. Adjoins Youth Park. A very popular area on weekends and in peak seasons. 
  14. Suttons Beach Youth Park - Redcliffe
    Great views overlooking Moreton Island. Large lawn area with shady trees. Adjoins Suttons Beach Park. A very popular area on weekends and in peak seasons. 
  15. Genealogy for beginners
    Come along to these regular hands on sessions where you will receive training on the use of genealogy resources such as
  16. Bluey Piva Park - Woorim
    A medium sized park located at the main entrance to Woorim Beach. With views to Moreton Island, the park provides an open grassed area, trees provide limited shade. 
  17. Boombana
    Boombana means “trees in bloom”, which fits this area perfectly.
  18. Dr Red - Cellar Door
    Overlooking Samford Valley this property is planted with 1,500 grape vines, coffee and olive trees which are all used as active ingredients in the various smooth red wines produced. Sales and tastings of Dr Red Punch range, Spearole Tea and Dr Red wines.
  19. North Lakes Town Park
    Lake Eden is a man made lake, perimeter measures two kilometers with an average depth of 3 meters and is home to large shady trees and a wide variety of bird life and small native animals.
  20. Camp Mountain Lookout
    On a clear day enjoy the amazing views of Moreton Bay and the Glass House Mountains from the lower north-facing lookout. Walk along the ridgeline to another lookout offering surprisingly close views of bustling Brisbane City. Picnic shelters and wood barbecues are nestled among tall eucalypt trees.
  21. Powerful owls
    Powerful Owls are huge predatory birds (50-65cm in length) that occupy very large permanent territories, sometimes having a home range of up to 1000 hectares.
  22. Westridge Outlook
    See views over Lake Wivenhoe with the Great Dividing Range in the distance. A mixed forest of grey gums, tallowwoods and spotted gums surrounds the lookout, which is situated on a high rocky outcrop. Try to spot animal markings from goannas, possums and red triangle slugs on the smooth-barked eucalyptus trees. 
  23. Landscaping & gardening
    Plants and trees are the greatest air-conditioners; and they operate for free.
  24. George Willmore Park - Ferny Hills
    Located next the the Ferny Hills Swimming Pool. This large park caters for everyone, with an open grassed oval like space, surrounded by trees, a playground, bbq and shelter facilities, exercise equipment, half basketball court, cricket batting net and more. The park has its own community stage.
  25. The Gums Anchorage Apartments
     2 and 3 bedroom units and penthouses all have water views, ensuites and bathrooms, private balcony or terrace. The kitchens are well equipped, DD phone, TV / DVD, and some units have Foxtel. Within this landscaped, gum-treed retreat is a tennis court, salt water pool and a sauna.
  26. Wivenhoe Outlook
    This outlook provides a picnic area with scenic views of Lake Wivenhoe. Stringybark trees flower here during summer with pale yellow flowers that attract birds. The unusual cry of the cat bird can often be heard in the valley below. Viewing platforms are only a short walk from parking and picnic facilities, on Northbrook Pathway.
  27. Dividing fences
    Reach agreement prior to constructing any dividing fence. Fences higher than two metres require Council permits. 
  28. New Draft Planning Scheme - Native vegetation clearing
    The State Government requires councils, through their planning schemes, to identify and protect areas of environmental significance. These are important for the future health of our natural environment, helping to maintain and enhance ecological corridors, koala and wildlife habitat and healthy waterways.
  29. Window exhibition: Dave Parsons
    Dave Parsons’ paintings reflect his love of Australian flora, in particular our magnificent gum trees.
  30. Severe storm
    Severe storms are more common than any other natural hazard. They occur regularly in South East Queensland between September and March and can produce damaging winds, hail lightening and flash floods.
  31. Koala protection
    If you see a sick, injured or orphaned koala or have any koala related concerns, contact Moreton Bay Koala Rescue Inc or the Pine Rivers Koala Association (24 hours a day / 7 days per week).
  32. Manorina
    Atrax circuit — 750m return (allow 30 minutes) Keen eyes may find the tiny earthen moss-covered doors of secretive trapdoor spiders along the track.Morelia walking track — 6km return (allow 2 hours)Walk from the Manorina car park, along the track through wet eucalypt forest containing groves of cabbage tree palms. At Mount Nebo lookout you can enjoy quiet, spectacular views over Samford Valley and Moreton Bay. 
  33. Reducing your impact on the environment
    There are easy actions you can do to reduce your impact on the environment and improve your quality of life. 
  34. Caboolture Regional Art Gallery - G.A.M.E for kids gallery
    Caboolture Regional Art Gallery - G.A.M.E for kids gallery
  35. Kumbartcho Sanctuary
    Kumbartcho is the local Aboriginal word for Hoop Pine (Araucaria cunninghamii). The Hoop Pine is the focus of the districts name, emblem and logo some magnificent specimen trees can be found at the Kumbartcho Sanctuary, which is set on 6 hectares of natural habitat, including a boundary with the South Pine River.
  36. Redcliffe Policy 108-2005 Vegetation Management on Reserves
    Redcliffe Policy 108-2005 Vegetation Management on Reserves
  37. Window Exhibition: Julie White
    Julie White enjoys many facets of photography including landscapes, streetscapes, and people in the context of their everyday lives. In this series of photographs she focuses on nature and accentuates the calm that can be experienced whilst surrounded by the
  38. Local Author - Ryle Winn
    Ryle Winn has a swag of books to his credit, including the self-published 'High Tides & Hard Rides', 'When a Tree Falls' and 'Behind the Bike Shed' and the Penguin-published 'Rough Diamonds & Real Gems', 'True Grit & Dry Wit', 'Out of the Blue' and 'Up A Hollow Log'. 
  39. New Draft Planning Scheme - Compensatory planting and secured offsets
    The State Government requires councils, through their planning schemes, to identify and protect areas of environmental significance. These are important for the future health of our natural environment, helping to maintain and enhance ecological corridors, priority species (koala) and wildlife habitat and healthy waterways.
  40. National and state travel choice events
    Throughout the year there are a number of national and state wide events that promote and encourage healthy lifestyle and travel choices.
  41. Cultural Directory - John Hellen
    John loves to use his imagination to create all manner of things out of scrap steel.
  42. Window exhibition: Liz Celegato
    Brisbane emerging artist Liz Celagato, whose previous works are predominantly acrylic on canvas, has recently started experimenting in mixed media techniques.
  43. Window exhibition: Mark Malinowski
    My recent work tends to focus on the environment and natural Brisbane settings.
  44. Flying foxes
    Flying foxes are mammals, like humans, and belong to the Order Chiroptera (meaning ‘hand-winged’). Flying foxes play an important role in dispersing the pollen and fruit of many native trees, such as figs, palms, lilly-pillies and quandongs.
  45. Glenmay Wetland
    Glenmay Wetland is located near Cundoot Creek at Brodies Park in Morayfield and falls within the Caboolture River catchment area. 
  46. Fauna
    Like many places in Australia where original indigenous vegetation still exists, the Moreton Bay Region is home to a rich diversity of native animals. We are privileged to have a wide variety of natural habitat types.
  47. Environmental pests & weeds
    There are over 1000 different weeds in South East Queensland. This number grows every year as we introduce more plants into our gardens or industries. 
  48. Backyards for Wildlife
    Backyards for Wildlife is a regional program that supports and recognises the efforts of owners of smaller bushland blocks to preserve local wildlife habitat and link wildlife corridors in the urban environment.
  49. Window Exhibition: Catherine Macauley
    Catherine’s figurative work starts with the Divine Feminine.
  50. Public art trails
    Many artworks are located on public land in the Moreton Bay region. Browse some of these public artworks on this website and then make the trip to see them in person.
  51. New Draft Planning Scheme - Environmental areas and corridors overlay
    Under state government requirements, planning schemes must identify where environmental areas and corridors occur. These areas and corridors are shown on the Environmental areas and corridors overlay map. These maps show areas of environmental significance to maintain and enhance ecological corridors, koala habitat and healthy waterways.
  52. Moreton Bay Region Bushcare
    Bushcare Programs are a partnership between Council and the community in caring for the natural environment.
  53. Mobile applications
    Council has developed a number of applications for mobile devices to enable you to access a range of Council services anywhere, any time.
  54. Land for wildlife
    Land for Wildlife (LFW) is a unique, voluntary program which provides resources to private land holders and community groups managing land with existing wildlife habitat, as well as to those working hard to re-establish habitat through revegetation and restoration projects.
  55. Environmental centres
    Environmental Education Centres provide environmental education messages focused on Learning to Live with the Environment.
  56. New road names
    When a new development is approved in the district, the developer is required to provide names for all the new roads that have been created as part of the development.
  57. Wild dogs
    Residents are requested to submit as much information as possible on any sightings of wild dogs and/or attacks, including the date, location, description, activity and damage caused.
  58. Window Exhibition: Bronwyn Russell-Collins
    Bronwyn Russell-Collins is a Brisbane-born clay and collage artist whose passion is creating something unique and soul-nourishing.
  59. Donnybrook Caravan Park - Rules
    Terms and conditions of your stay and park rules at Donnybrook Caravan Park.
  60. Beachmere Caravan Park - Park rules
    Terms and conditions of your stay and park rules at Beachmere Caravan Park.
  61. Toorbul Caravan Park - Rules
    Terms and conditions of your stay and park rules at Toorbul Caravan Park.
  62. Bells Caravan Park - Rules
    Terms and conditions of your stay and park rules at Bells Caravan Park.
  63. Bongaree Caravan Park - Rules
    Term and conditions of your stay and park rules at Bongaree Caravan Park.
  64. Window exhibition: Mental Health Week 2014
    Mental Health is about our state of well being, it is how we maintain relationships, cope with stress and contribute to the community.
  65. Exhibition: string theory: Focus on contemporary Australian art
    string theory: Focus on contemporary Australian art is a Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) touring exhibition which brings together over 20 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists from across Australia who work with expanded notions of textile and craft-based traditions.
  66. Report your sightings
    Native animal sightings are regularly reported to council. If you see an animal or plant of interest please contact Council’s Environmental Services Department. 
  67. Birralee Childcare Centre
    Birralee Childcare Centre is a community based non profit centre sponsored by the Moreton Bay Regional Council. We provide a high quality child care and education for children from six (6) weeks to school entry. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is provided.
  68. Contact Council
    Options for contacting Moreton Bay Regional Council via phone, online, email, fax, post and in person. If your matter is urgent or a public safety concern, please phone Council.
  69. Bunyaville Conservation Park
    The park is the perfect spot for a picnic or BBQ in the forest.  Visitors can enjoy bushwalking, horse riding and cycling at Bunyaville, and dogs are allowed provided they are kept on a leash at all times. 
  70. Street lighting
    The majority of streetlight and / or pole maintenance on road reserves and along paths through and around a park is the responsibility of Energex. 
  71. Pumicestone Passage Catchment
    The Pumicestone Passage catchment receives freshwater inflows from a network of streams including Elimbah, Ningi, Bullock, Bells, Mellum, Coochin, Coonowrin, Tibrogargan, and Hussey Creeks.
  72. Window Exhibition: Bruno Valmadre
    Bruno Valmadre has pursued his passion for three dimensional expression throughout the past fifty years, building on an impressive skill base which includes abstract and figurative works, lathe works and more recently some very dynamic jewellery pieces.
  73. Pine Rivers Family Day Care - Learning environments
    Pine Rivers Family Day Care Educators consider the Early Years Learning Framework to inform their practice and program. Family Day Care allows children to participate in experiences that can be more flexible and meet individual needs and interests.
  74. Kerbside bins
    Moreton Bay Regional Council's contractor provides a weekly waste and fortnightly recycling collection service to properties within the defined waste collection area.
  75. Regional ecosystems
    Regional Ecosystems (RE) are a way of describing different vegetation types that relate vegetation, land form and geology.
  76. Dog parks & beaches
    Dog parks and beaches that have been allocated for the exercising of dogs (on and off a leash), providing they are kept under strict control.
  77. Roadworks
    Roads are subject to deterioration due to vehicular traffic and changing weather conditions. Road defects can include potholes, cracking, bulging, large depressions and ruts. 
  78. Pine Rivers Heritage Museum - School activities
    The Pine Rivers Heritage Museum provides an opportunity to explore life, including the history of our own area with a number of specialised displays, activities and exhibits for school tours.
  79. Redcliffe Botanic Gardens
    The Redcliffe Botanic Gardens is a peaceful green haven right in the heart of the city – providing a quick escape from the rigours of everyday life. It is the perfect place to have a picnic, celebrate a birthday or simply enjoy a quiet moment in the beautiful surrounds.
  80. Planning Scheme Policies for Infrastructure Contributions
    Following a series of workshops within Council, a number of amendments and new planning scheme policies we created for all three districts.
  81. Magpies
    The Magpie breeding season peaks from August to October but nesting can take place anytime from July to December.
  82. Moreton Bay Region Libraries - Books & magazines
    Moreton Bay Region Libraries offer a range of Books & Magazines for library members to borrow and enjoy.
  83. Customer service request
  84. New Draft Planning Scheme - Planning scheme policies
    A range of Planning scheme policies are included in Schedule 6 of the draft planning scheme. These policies provide additional information and guidance on a variety of local planning matters including:  
  85. 9 to 12 years - mad about books
    Reading suggestions for 9 to 12 years.  
  86. Moreton Bay Region Libraries - 9 to 12 years - mad about books!
    Reading suggestions for 9 to 12 years.  
  87. Our History - Caboolture District
    Caboolture has a rich, yet quiet history. With its proximity to Brisbane, capital of the Queensland, Caboolture was one of the first areas of the State opened to European settlement.
  88. Disaster management - Be prepared
    By actively preparing your home, business and yourselves, you can improve the safety of your family. Prepare a household emergency plan, emergency kit, evacuation kit and know your neighbours.
  89. Riparian & reserve analysis
    The vegetation represented in the Reserves and Riparian areas are quite diverse extending from coastal estuaries and open beach fronts across the coastal lowlands and hills to the mountain ranges in the west. 
  90. Recycling at waste facilities
    Resource recovery areas are in operation at Council's waste facilities to encourage residents and commercial customers to sort and separate their waste.
  91. Your History Our History
    Discover your heritage with our range of family and local history sessions.
  92. Example RADF projects
    Some example RADF projects from previous funding rounds.
  93. Caboolture township history
    Information on the history and heritage of towns and localities within Caboolture district. 
  94. Decades Festival 2015 - Announces Aussie Rock Line-Up
    Moreton Bay Regional Council today announced the line-up for the 2nd annual Decades Festival to be held at Pine Rivers Park in Strathpine on Saturday, 31 October, 2015.
  95. History of the PineRiversPlan
    Following European settlement, the district developed as a series of small townships and service centres. The first Town Planning Scheme for the Shire of Pine Rivers was gazetted on the 8th May 1965.
  96. New Draft Planning Scheme - Overlay maps
    Planning schemes use overlays to show the location and extent of special features that need to be considered, such as where land may be subject to hazards or other characteristics. Overlay maps may apply to all or part of your property and your property may be affected by more than one overlay. Having an overlay on your property will only affect you if you intend to develop (i.e. extent or build, change use, subdivide, clear native vegetation, fill or excavate).   
  97. Bushfire
    Bushfires pose a very real threat to the Moreton Bay region.  You don’t have to live in the bush for bushfire to be a threat.  Most places can be impacted by burning material, embers and smoke.
  98. Pine Rivers township history
    Some history on the Pine Rivers townships including Albany Creek, Dayboro, Lawnton, Petrie, Samford, Strathpine & Whiteside.
  99. Supplier portal
    Our residents and local businesses are the reason why we exist. We recognise the important role our suppliers have in the value we offer to all our customers.

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