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How rates are calculated
Information on how rates are calculated and charges that Council levies on rate accounts.

Community Network Meetings
Council facilitates and supports a number of key community networking opportunities attended by government agencies and community service providers. 

MBRC Planning Scheme - Secondary dwelling
The State Government defines a Secondary dwelling as part of a dwelling house. A secondary dwelling is used in conjunction with, and is subordinate to, a Dwelling house on the same lot. The term replaces ‘dependent person’s accommodation’, ‘associated unit’ and ‘relative’s accommodation’ used in the Caboolture, Pine Rivers and Redcliffe planning schemes.

Road restrictions
Load limits are placed on roads and/or bridges to limit use by vehicles over a certain tonnage to help preserve structural integrity and the amenity of the area.

Pine Rivers Art Gallery - Volunteers
Volunteers play an integral part in the Moreton Bay Galleries’ on-going success at being a valuable part of the community.

Caboolture Regional Art Gallery - Volunteers
Volunteers play an integral part in the Moreton Bay Galleries’ on-going success at being a valuable part of the community.

Waterways monitoring
Council has established a water quality monitoring program covering over 80 sites across the Shire's freshwater, estuarine and marine waterways. 

A Place of Security & Subsistence exhibition
In 1824 Redcliffe didn’t exist, nor did Humpybong. The settlement founded by John Oxley and Lt Henry Miller was to be entitled the Moreton Bay Convict Settlement and was designed to be a place that the worst of the worst convicts could be sent. 

Indigenous Services
Council acknowledges and values the unique contributions that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples make to the Moreton Bay Region.

MBRC Planning Scheme - Version 1
Version 1 of the document, maps and code templates.

MBRC Planning Scheme - Planning scheme document
The planning scheme contains provisions for development in the Moreton Bay Region, as well as maps which show where these provisions apply. It is important to note for most people, the new draft planning scheme will have little to no impact because it only applies to new development. This means it only affects you if you wish to develop. This could include building on or structurally renovating your property.

Moreton Bay lays foundations for a Bright Future
Moreton Bay Regional Council will outline its plans for a bright future, presenting its vision for a major University Precinct to community and business leaders today.

Active Holidays - Frequently asked questions
Participation Who is eligible to participate in the Active Holidays program? Participants must live in or be attending school in the Moreton Bay Region. Each activity has an age category identifies minimum and maximum age requirements. This can be viewed in the online timetable. Are p

Waste facilities - what you need to know
Things you need to know before visiting one of Council's waste facilities, cover your load, wear enclosed footwear, sort and separate your waste.

Flood publications and digital data

MBRC Planning Scheme - Building heights
The new planning scheme specifies maximum, and in some cases minimum, building heights. To provide clear understanding of building height requirements, these height requirements are specified in metres and not the number of storeys.

When are my bins collected?

Storm tide mapping

Flood mapping

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