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MBRC Planning Scheme - Information sheets
Council has developed a range of information sheets to provide you with more details about the new draft planning scheme.  The information sheets include, where appropriate, an overview of changes to the new draft planning scheme that have been made in response to community views and suggestions as well as updated information provided by the State Government. 

Bells Beach
Toilets, covered picnic area, BBQ, boat ramp, wheelchair access, Liberty Swing, Jet skiing, half-court basketball, kite flying and kite surfing. Pelican Feeding daily at 10.00am at the Visitor Information Centre, swimming.

Exhibition: Tyson Evans Scholarship 2018
This year’s exhibition celebrates the twentieth year of the Tyson Evans Scholarship.

MBRC Planning Scheme - Planning scheme maps
In response to feedback from the community, as well as updated information from the State Government, a number of amendments have been made to maps in the new draft planning scheme.

Local laws
Local Laws that apply across the Moreton Bay region commenced on 5 August 2011. They supercede those local and subordinate laws of the Caboolture Shire, Pine Rivers Shire and Redcliffe City Councils, all of which have now been repealed.

Burpengary pioneers
The Caboolture Divisional Board was created in 1879 under the Divisional Boards Act to provide local administration and public services in areas outside municipalities.

Our History - Caboolture District
Caboolture has a rich, yet quiet history. With its proximity to Brisbane, capital of the Queensland, Caboolture was one of the first areas of the State opened to European settlement.

Settlement Cove Lagoon
Facilities include a swimming lagoon, wading pools, bbq areas, bikeways picnic shelters, playgrounds, amenities and beach showers.

Investment opportunities
Moreton Bay region is committed to business success.  As such it has a range of business and investment opportunities, from commercial to tourism and industrial to retail. 

The Mill at Moreton Bay PDA - Places - Mill Transit
Mill Transit will create a new transit oriented residential community and a neighbourhood hub which supports convenience retail and commercial uses focused around Kallangur Station.

Dog parks & beaches
Dog parks and beaches that have been allocated for the exercising of dogs (on and off a leash), providing they are kept under strict control.

Our History - Pine Rivers District
Although James Cook and Matthew Flinders sailed past Moreton Bay during the late eighteenth century giving names to some features which are still in use today, land exploration did not commence until the early 1820s when a search was underway for a suitable site for a convict settlement. 

Expression of interest: The Keeper - collectors and their collections
Are you an avid collector? Do you want to share your passion and have your interesting, unusual or quirky collection exhibited at Redcliffe Museum? 

Riparian & reserve analysis
The vegetation represented in the Reserves and Riparian areas are quite diverse extending from coastal estuaries and open beach fronts across the coastal lowlands and hills to the mountain ranges in the west. 

MBRC Planning Scheme - Domestic Outbuildings
The MBRC Planning Scheme includes Domestic outbuildings as part of the Dwelling house definition

Libraries - History of the Region during WWI
At the outbreak of the First World War the area that now comprises Moreton Bay Regional Council was made of up three individual local government areas, the Caboolture, Pine Rivers and Redcliffe Shire councils, which were predominantly small farming communities, and the total permanent population of that overall area at this time would have been quite small.

Incentivising infill development
Council is committed to incentivising the right development in the right location. Commencing 1 July 2017, a new Incentivising Infill Development Policy will be available for a range of developments within targeted areas of Strathpine, Caboolture and in and around the Redcliffe Peninsula Line. 

MBRC Planning Scheme - Recreation and open space zone
The Recreation and open space zone contains the community’s sporting, recreation, and leisure facilities and areas. The zone is generally located in the urban areas and includes parkland and reserves owned and managed by Council. Some areas are in private ownership and comprise of uses such as golf courses, sporting and social clubs, community and non-profit groups.

Baynes Street Civic Park Proposal
Earlier this year Council asked businesses and residents to share their vision for the Redcliffe Peninsula’s foreshore areas including suburbs like Margate.

Our Council
Moreton Bay Region is one of the fastest developing places in Australia with substantial rural, rural residential, commercial and industrial areas. .

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