Samford Skate Park

Why develop a Skate Park in Samford?

In 2010 Moreton Bay Regional Council prepared a Skate and BMX Facility Strategy which established a framework for the provision of skate and BMX facilities across the region. The strategy identified that there is a gap in the provision of skate / scooter and BMX facilities within the Samford area.

Community requests and recent surveys have also indicated that there is a need to provide facilities for children that cater for all age brackets, in particular for children over 12 years. The demand for such facilities will potentially increase in the future. With this in mind, Council has commenced the planning and design of a Skate/BMX facility in the Samford area.

This project aims to deliver a local skate/BMX facility that meets the needs of the Samford community.

Samford Skate Park Project - bowls


Samford Skate Park project - steps

Community Feedback

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