Redcliffe Peninsula Rail Corridor

Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) is proud to unveil the revolutionary new Redcliffe Peninsula Rail Corridor (RPRC) Investment Prospectus. The RPRC Investment Prospectus is an interactive online portal that innovatively captures and displays investment opportunities available within the RPRC.

The Investment Prospectus utilises 3D fly-throughs, videos and interactive mapping platforms to convey investment information, highlighting and showcasing potential investment and development opportunities within the RPRC.

View the investment prospectus

This dynamic, hands-on interface allows investors to interact with the portal to view the key statistics of each station precinct; including population growth, business and job creation and DA activity. Each station precinct's unique range of assets and drivers are highlighted within the portal, as well as the current and future conditions associated with each station precinct. Investors can therefore gain a better understanding of where their investment might fit into the corridor, and may therefore make more confident investment decisions.

The Investment Prospectus is a tool critical for ensuring that the right development occurs in the right locations. It was created in response to council's need to proactively manage the substantial growth occurring within the region and to balance this with the community's increasing need for local employment, opportunity for investment and improved access to local services and public transport.

Development focussed within the rail corridor is expected to boost local economic activity and unlock opportunity for the residents of Moreton Bay by invigorating and revitalising surrounding suburbs, businesses and retailers. The Investment Prospectus aims to ensure that a diversified local economy prevails to meet the local employment and housing needs of Moreton Bay's future population.

MBRC strives to continually deliver innovative and relevant services to its residents. With the introduction of the RPRC Investment Prospectus, MBRC seeks to secure a bright future for the region.

Council is committed to incentivising the right development in the right location. If you are considering investing in the Redcliffe Peninsula Rail Corridor, don’t forget to take advantage of Council‘s new Incentivising Infill Development Policy. Commencing 1 July 2017, the policy offers financial incentives relating to application fees and infrastructure charges, for projects meeting the eligibility criteria within targeted areas of Strathpine Caboolture, and in and around the Redcliffe Peninsula Rail Corridor. To find out more on the policy see Incentivising infill development.

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