Design manual

The standard drawings and development guidelines listed apply to Development Works undertaken in accordance with the provisions of the individual planning schemes (Pine Rivers, Caboolture and Redcliffe) that existed prior to the 2007 amalgamation to form Moreton Bay Regional Council. These drawings and guidelines are only to be used for Development works undertaken prior to the introduction of the new Moreton Bay Regional Council planning scheme on 1 February 2016. These drawings and guidelines are not to be used for Moreton Bay Regional Council (non development construction works.

An updated list of MBRC standard drawings has been adopted for Construction Works (non-development) undertaken on behalf of Council. Council also uses the NATSPEC standard engineering specifications.

Design and development guidelines contain Council's design standards for roadworks, stormwater drainage, water supply and sewerage works.


Caboolture design and development manual:

Pine Rivers

Pine Rivers Design Manual contains Design Standards for Roadworks, Stormwater Drainage, Water Supply and Sewerage Works, together with a complete set of Construction Specifications and Standard Drawings.

This manual is to be used with the Transitional Planning Scheme:

  1. Design standards
    Descriptive text to assist designers / engineers / developers to meet the requirements for the design of roadworks (subdivision and other works), stormwater drainage systems and stormwater quality requirements, reticulated water supply networks and sewerage systems.
  2. Design guidelines
    Covering such topics such as roundabouts, engineering drawings, as constructed drawings, local area traffic management, pavement design, recreation trails (planning, construction, maintenance), landscape construction (on road reserves, parks and drainage reserves) and on-site carparking and service vehicle facilities.
  3. Standard drawings
    Showing requirements for elements of Civil Construction Works for roadworks, industrial access, stormwater drainage, water supply, sewerage, traffic control, parks / landscape works and miscellaneous works.
  4. Standard specifications
    Council has adopted a set of regionally modified Aus-Spec Construction Specifications for the majority of roadworks, stormwater drainage, sewerage and water supply.


The Redcliffe City Council Engineering Standard Drawings are generally based on drawings produced by the IPWEAQ (Institute of Public Works Engineers Australia, Queensland Division), the Department of Main Roads and Brisbane City Council.

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