Abandoned vehicles

Queensland Police and Council are responsible for responding to complaints regarding abandoned vehicles:


Council removes abandoned motor vehicles from all roads and public land, with the exception of Bruce Highway. Council does not deal with abandoned vehicles on private property.

To report unregistered abandoned vehicles dumped on council property contact Council with a description of the vehicle and its location.

An abandoned motor vehicle is a motor vehicle for which Council is unable to locate an owner. If the owner of the vehicle is identified, the vehicle cannot be deemed abandoned and Council is unable to remove it. In this instance the matter can be referred to the Police.

Should the vehicle owner be found or the vehicle owner later contact Council to claim their motor vehicle, they must pay any costs incurred by Council prior to the vehicle being released.

Vehicles which remain unclaimed after thirty (30) days, are sold by public auction.

Queensland Police

Queensland Police should be contacted if you believe that a registered vehicle has been abandoned or parked in a hazardous position.

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