• Road conditions

    A list of current known road closures in the region. This list is updated frequently during major weather events and on an as-needed basis at other times.

  • Planned roadworks

    A list of Council roadworks currently underway or planned for the near future that will impact the road network in the region.

  • Abandoned vehicles

    The Queensland Police and Council are responsible for responding to complaints regarding abandoned vehicles.

  • Design manual

    Design and development guidelines contain Council's design standards for roadworks, stormwater drainage, water supply and sewerage works, for Caboolture, Pine Rivers and Redcliffe.

  • Road infrastructure

    Roadside infrastructure and bus shelters. Bus seats are provided at all commuter route bus stops as part of public transport infrastructure.

  • Road restrictions

    Road restrictions are placed on roads and/or bridges to limit use by vehicles of a certain height, length of load.

  • Parking

    Parking regulations in the Moreton Bay region are in place to enhance road and pedestrian safety and to ensure that dedicated parking areas are managed in a fair and equitable manner.

  • Road closure requests

    How to request permanent and temporary road closures for the purpose of roadworks or special event.

  • Roadworks

    Roads are subject to deterioration due to vehicular traffic and changing weather conditions. Road defects can include potholes, cracking, bulging, large depressions and ruts.

  • Street lighting

    The majority of streetlight and / or pole maintenance on road reserves and along paths through and around a park is the responsibility of Energex.

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