National Recycling Week 2017

Monday 13 – Sunday 19 November 2017

Reduce Waste & Recycle More - Improve your waste and recycling behaviour

Want to help the environment and contribute to combat climate change?

Reduce your household and business waste before it becomes rubbish and is buried in landfill.

Recycling tips

  1. Did you know you can drop off soft plastics like bread bags, cereal box liners, biscuit wrappers and plastic bags at your local Coles supermarket through their REDcycle program? For a full list of participating location see the REDcycle website.
  2. Recycle your household batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, and 9V) at your local Aldi supermarket and Battery World. You can also drop off your old vehicle batteries to council’s waste facilities in the Moreton Bay Region. Find your nearest council waste facility.
  3. Summer is almost upon us, meaning its berry season. Did you know you can recycle the plastic berry punnets? Just dispose the mat on the bottom of the punnet and recycle the container. As a general rule of thumb, rigid plastics like biscuit trays can also be recycled in your household recycling bin.

Start by becoming more informed about the environmental impacts of products and search for more sustainable alternatives. Buy bulk when possible, but not more than you can use or share. Try to choose products with less packaging and/or choose products with recyclable or reusable packaging. Take reusable cloth shopping bags or boxes shopping and say ‘no’ to plastic bags and non-recyclable packaging. Buy quality goods that will last and encourage manufacturers to take your old appliances or items when you purchase new items.

Recycle more. Recycling saves natural resources by conserving raw materials and the recycling process uses less energy for reprocessing than producing the same product from raw materials. Recycling has environmental, economic and social advantages that saves water, extraction and/or production costs, and reduces environmental pollution

For more information on being sustainable during shopping and at home refer to Recycling & the Community

Information retrieved 27 March 2017 from Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science website

What's on

Regional Recycler

Regional Recycler Competition

Is your school or early learning centre our Regional Recycler for 2017? Schools and Early learning centres are encouraged to demonstrate their sustainable waste strategies. Great prizes to be won!

Free Trash to Treasure Tour

Join our FREE Trash to Treasure Tour on Monday 16 October 2017 for residents to enjoy an eye opening journey following one person’s trash to another person’s treasure!

Recycling Workshops

Free Recycling Workshops

Participate in FREE Treasure Market Workshops to reuse, recycle and repurpose preloved items into something useful.

Mulch loading

Free mulch loading

9.00am - 12.00noon, Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 November 2017. Available at the Bunya, Caboolture, Dakabin and Redcliffe Waste Facilities

Waste education videos

Be confident of what can be recycled in your household recycling wheelie bin.


Composting and worm farming

Keen to start composting or worm farming your kitchen scraps and garden clippings?
Make your own from reusable items or purchase a new compost bin or worm farm from Council.

Recycling ideas

  • Give bottles and jars a quick rinse before placing them in the recycling bin
  • Place items loosely in the recycling bin
  • Recyclables inside plastic bags or boxes cannot be sorted and go to landfill
  • Recycle your plastic bags and wrappers at Coles or plastic bags at Woolworths
  • e-waste Recycle your TV, computer or printer at your nearest major waste facility for FREE
  • Donate your unwanted and unused belongings to a local charity or Council Treasure Markets
  • Create your own compost or worm farm system
  • Have a garage sale – download simple guide to holding a garage sale
  • Find out more about consumer behaviour at The Story of stuff

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