National Recycling Week

Moreton Bay residents love to recycle, reuse and reduce waste, however there is still more we can do. It’s time to re-think waste.

To celebrate National Recycling Week from 12-18 November 2018, here are some of our top recycling tips and activities you can get involved in.

Be recycling savy

Check out what you can and can’t place in your household recycling bin.

Think you’re a recycling genius? Test your knowledge by taking the recycling quiz.


Electrical appliances are made up of a broad range of materials including precious metals. You can recycle these for free at your local waste facility. By recycling items such as TVs, computers and other home electrical goods valuable resources can be saved with up to 95% of materials from appliances able to be recovered for reuse.

Organic waste

Learn more about composting food scraps and worm farming at your place with a range of composting options to suit all homes.

Consider second-hand and make it your own

Council’s Treasure Markets are a gold mine for bargain hunters looking for unique second-hand, recycled and upcycled goods. With furniture, collectables, books, toys and sporting equipment, you never know what you'll discover at the Treasure Markets. You can even pick up tips on cool ways to upcycle items with free recycling workshops.

Give items a second life

Donate your unwanted furniture, books, toys and bikes to a local charity or Council’s Treasure Markets. You can also recycle a wide range of items from car batteries to electrical goods for free while you are there.

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