Termites & vermin


Residents should take precautions against possible infestation of termites in their homes, whether they be weatherboard or brick.

Termites (white ants) left unchecked can cause extensive damage to buildings. Annual inspections and regular treatment by a licensed pest control company are recommended


Council's Pest Management Technicians are able to provide an 'advice only' service to residents who may be experiencing problems with rats and mice (rodents).

There are three introduced species of rodents in the district, the:

  • Brown rat (Rattus norvegicus)
    As the name implies, is thick set and brown in colour. This rat nests under rubbish or compost heaps and will burrow under buildings.
  • Roof rat (Rattus rattus)
    Smaller in size and can range from a grey to a black colour. This rat is a good climber and will live in wall cavities and ceilings.
  • House mouse
    Easily recognised by its small size. It is important to note that there are over 20 species of native animals that could be mistaken for an introduced rat or mouse. Council officers can assist with any enquiries to determine which species may be living around your home.

Please note:
Council's Pest Management Technicians are unable to treat private residents homes. This includes inspection of ceiling cavities. Where a rodent problem persists on your property, Council recommends a professional treatment by a commercial Pest Management Technician.

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