Footpaths are in place to promote pedestrian movement in a safe manner along roadsides and residents must not obstruct in a manner that creates a nuisance or safety issues.

Footpath maintenance

It is the adjacent property owners responsibility to manage trees to prevent overhanging foliage. It is accepted practice for the owners of residential properties to maintain their footpaths. 

Mowing footpaths

Council will only mow footpaths in residential areas along park frontages and footway linkages between cul-de-sacs where there are health and safety issues or for drainage maintenance.

Street trees

Street trees are excellent addition to some footpaths. 

Please contact Council for street tree requests. Residents should note that the type of tree and its location is approved and installed by Council to ensure minimal damage to infrastructure (including power lines). 

Residents are not permitted to carry out planting on the footpath. Street tree maintenance is not permitted to be carried out by residents and needs to be reported to council for actioning.

Road alterations or improvements

Any alterations or improvements to a road which includes footpath / nature strip requires the approval of council. See Local law 1 - Administration for more information.

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