Driveway crossover construction

Council makes it easy to build a driveway crossover. There are a series of standard conditions which apply to constructing a driveway crossover.

What is a driveway crossover?

A driveway crossover is that part of a driveway from the edge of the road pavement to the boundary of a property (i.e. council controlled land, footpath or road reserve).

Standard conditions

A list of the standard conditions for driveway crossovers can be found in the fact sheet A guide to driveway crossovers.

Driveway crossover meets conditions

If your proposed driveway crossover meets Council’s standard conditions you’ll be able to start construction once Council has received a completed Driveway crossover - Self-assessable notification form.

The form has a declaration that must be signed by the property owner before Council can accept it. No fee applies to the lodgement of the notification form.

Driveway crossover does not meet conditions

If your proposed driveway crossover doesn’t meet the standard conditions, you’ll need to fill in a Driveway crossover application (non self-assessable) form and submit it to Council. A fee applies to driveway crossover applications.

Driveway crossover construction must not commence until written approval has been received from Council.

Owner's responsibility

The construction, maintenance, alteration and repair of driveway crossovers is a responsibility of the property owner. An owner’s responsibility includes where the driveway crosses the kerb, constructed footpath, water course, drain or drainage easement.

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