Driveway construction and property access

Moreton Bay Regional Council is making it easier to build a driveway. There are a series of standard conditions which apply to constructing a driveway.


A checklist of these conditions and standard drawings for driveways can be found in council’s guide to self assessable development of a driveway crossover.

Driveway meets conditions

If your proposed driveway meets council’s standard conditions you’ll be able to start construction once council has received a completed driveway construction – self assessable notification form from you.

The form has a declaration that must be signed by the property owner before council can accept it. No fees apply to a self-assessed driveway.

Driveway does not meet conditions

If your proposed driveway doesn’t meet the standard conditions, you’ll need to fill in a driveway construction application – non self assessable form and submit it to council. 

A council officer will then contact you to determine if a suitable solution can be found to construct your driveway.

An inspection fee of applies to non self-assessable applications.

Driveway construction must not commence until a council officer has assessed your application.

Owner's responsibility

The construction, maintenance, alteration and repair of driveways is a responsibility of the residential property owner.

An owner’s responsibility includes where the driveway crosses the kerb, constructed footpath, water course, drain or drainage easement.

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