Scouts Crossing Road Reserve - Offset Tree Planting

Council and the state government have planted seven (7) hectares of legally protected koala food and habitat trees at Scouts Crossing Road Reserve.

This green infrastructure project has ecological connectivity to the South Pine River Habitat Corridor and provides an important stepping-stone refuge for local wildlife.

The plant community established includes ‘of concern’ regional ecosystem (RE) 12.3.11 - which is dominated by Queensland blue gum, grey gum and paperbark trees.

Key benefits

Koala food & habitat, stepping-stone refuge for wildlife, improved green infrastructure network function, forest and wetland ecosystems.


View a short video of the project.

About the Green Infrastructure Network Delivery Program

Council's Green Infrastructure Network Delivery Program improves road safety for motorists and wildlife by constructing fauna movement underpasses, fauna rope bridges, roadside (animal exclusion) fencing, animal refuge poles, nest box habitat, pavement stencilling for driver awareness, monitoring equipment and habitat enhancement around these capital investments.

In addition, the green infrastructure network program delivers large-scale tree planting projects (environmental offsets) to counterbalance the impact of council projects; and street tree planting to reduce the urban heat island effect & increase ecological connectivity.

Green Infrastructure Network Delivery Program provides economic, social and environmental benefits for Moreton Bay Region.

ITPD Last Updated 28 April 2017

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