Samsonvale Road, Bray Park (Elmwood Drive - Dundee Street) - Road Upgrade

Samsonvale road upgrade area


Council is currently in the process of preparing concept design drawings for a road and footpath upgrade of Samsonvale Road, Bray Park between Elmwood Drive and Dundee Street. Other sections of Samsonvale Road already have four lanes of traffic, and this will bring this section into alignment with the rest of the road.

Project objectives

  • Reduce traffic congestion and improve overall efficiency of the road network by addition of lanes and signalisation of intersections.
  • Improve safe and on time running of buses on this major bus route.
  • Provide pedestrian crossing opportunities
  • Retain existing vegetation where possible

Improvement proposal

  • Samsonvale Road is to be widened to four traffic lanes
  • New and improved footpaths are to be included along the complete length of the upgrade works
  • On-road bicycle lane facilities are to be included on Samsonvale Road
  • Drainage work in culvert crossing.
  • Planting 18 Eucalyptus trees in the easement north of Dundee Street to compensate for the removal of existing trees. The removal of trees (as identified on the attached plan) is minimised and required to relocate and upgrade services.

Proposed layout

A concept layout has been prepared showing the changes proposed for this section of Samsonvale Road for discussion with the community:

Project timing

Service relocations and road construction are currently programmed for the 2018/19 financial year.


The public feedback period for this project has now closed. Council is reviewing all feedback and will assess and implement changes which have merit and could be included into the project. If you provided feedback we will update you with details of changes to the proposal once finalised.

ITPD Last Updated 10 July 2018

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