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Council procurement is guided by the Sound Contracting Principles set out in the Local Government Act 2009 which are:

  • Value for money
  • Open and effective competition
  • Development of competitive local business and industry
  • Environmental protection
  • Ethical behaviour and fair dealing

You can find out more about the Act and the associated Local Government Regulation 2012 on the Queensland Government website

How Council buys

Each Council department has buyers who are responsible for sourcing the required goods and services in accordance with Council's policies and procedures. Understanding how we purchase can improve your chances of becoming a Council supplier.

The general requirements around purchases can be summarised as:

How Councilbuys
$ Value
(ex GST)
Purchasing items within an arrangement Purchasing items outside of an arrangement
Up to $7,500 1 quote required 1 quote required
$7,501 - $15,000 1 quote required 2 quotes required
$15,001 - $50,000 1 quote required 3 quotes required
$50,001 - $200,000 2 quotes required 3 quotes required
> $200,000 3 quotes required Open tender

These are minimum requirements and extra quotes can be sought if considered prudent.

Council will periodically go out to the market and establish purchasing arrangements for those goods and services that are purchased in large quantities and on a regular basis across the whole organisation. These purchasing arrangements enable Council to maximise purchasing benefits and obtain better value for money.

Council also utilises purchasing arrangements set up by Local Buy Pty Ltd, which is the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) procurement services company responsible for establishing common-use procurement arrangements for Councils and Local Government authorities across Queensland. Details of current Local Buy arrangements are available on the Local Buy website.

Selling your goods and services to Council

There are a number of ways for your business to maximise its chances of doing business with Council. Council buyers source their quotes through the following portals, and you must be registered with these portals to receive requests to quote from Council:

By registering at these portals in the categories that best represent the goods and/or services you are selling, you are raising awareness that your business exists to Council buyers when they are seeking quotes.

Council advertises its open tenders in the Courier Mail, on Council's website and on the LG Tenderbox website, and you must be registered to receive notifications when a tender is advertised.

Purchasing arrangements

Purchasing arrangements are formal agreements that are established after ascertaining Councils spend areas and going to the open market place, to obtain advantageous purchasing terms with successfully evaluated suppliers. This assists us in the purchasing of goods/services, without the need to obtain costly and repetitive quotations, every time a need is identified.

The different types of arrangements used by Council include:

Preferred Supplier Arrangements are established for categories of goods or services where the need for those goods and services are frequent and in large volume, where better value for money is possible by aggregation of demand, and the goods and services required are readily available within the market. All arrangements of this type are subject to audit by Council to ensure that the prices paid are charged at the agreed rates or amounts.

Pre-qualified Suppliers are those that have been assessed as having the technical, financial and managerial capability to perform contracts on time and in accordance with agreed requirements, and from which quotes will be obtained when required for goods or services. Schedules of Rates are obtained in some categories of pre-qualified suppliers, and include price lists for goods or services which are designed to provide Council with known and stable pricing for the life or review term of the Arrangement. Being on a pre-qualified supplier arrangement does not come with a guarantee that Council will engage you to supply.

Whilst cost is a very important component in assessing all suppliers responses to an arrangement, it is not the all-encompassing benchmark that determines who is always the successful supplier.

Council periodically goes out to market to create new or renew current purchasing arrangements, and all invitations to be on these arrangements are advertised as open tenders in the Courier Mail, on Council's website and on the LG Tenderbox website.

Open tenders

For procurements worth more than $200,000, Council usually uses an open tender process. Once funding has been approved, the main steps in the tender process are:

  1. A Probity Plan / strategy is prepared.
  2. A request for tender is prepared.
  3. The request is advertised.
  4. Suppliers respond.
  5. Tenders are evaluated and supplier(s) are selected.
  6. Contract is signed and managed.
  7. Unsuccessful suppliers are notified.

You can access LGTenderBox to:

  • View details of current tenders
  • View tender conditions, contracts, lodgement details and notifications
  • Register to receive email notifications of tenders advertised by Council
  • Submit and review forum questions and posts on active requests

For help with responses using LG TenderBox please follow the instructions in the Supplier Guides which can be downloaded from LG TenderBox.

Right to information

The Project Officer will supply information to suppliers who request feedback on their tender offers in terms of the following:

  • The initial communications to an unsuccessful supplier must be through an unsuccessful letter. The letter puts the onus on the unsuccessful supplier to take action to seek further information if they desire.
  • Debriefs if requested, are best carried out in person, and will be specific to the supplier's submission and how to improve future submissions. No comparative information regarding other suppliers will be provided during a debrief session.
  • Information that has been made public via the approval process (i.e. Council Agenda item) may be made available to suppliers.

Invoicing and payments

Tax invoices

Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requirements for an invoice include:

  • Suppliers identity
  • Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • An invoice number and date of issue
  • The total amount including GST
  • A brief description of what is sold including quantity and price

In addition, Council requires that the council issued Purchase Order Number, Work Order Number or Contract Reference Number and contact officer must be shown on all tax invoices. Please do not supply goods or services without first obtaining one of these numbers from the Council officer.

Invoices that do not have a Purchase Order, Work Order or Contract Reference number will be returned to the supplier and delays will occur in the subsequent payment of the invoice.

Submitting invoices

Council has arrangements to ensure all tax invoices received through the mail are stamped with the date received, and delivered immediately to Accounts Payable.

If tax invoices are delivered with goods, handed to Council officers, or submitted in any other way, there can be no guarantee that they will reach the Accounts Payable section, and this may result in delayed payment of your invoice.

To ensure your invoice is paid within the agreed payment terms, you are asked to email your invoice to

Payment terms

Council's standard payment terms are thirty (30) days after the month end of the invoice date.

Council can offer earlier payment terms when settlement discounts are offered by the supplier. All discount arrangements or early payment arrangements must be negotiated with the corporate procurement team.

Payment methods

Council's preferred method of payment is by electronic funds transfer. To enable this, you will need to be registered as a supplier, and your banking details will need to be provided on a Supplier Registration Form emailed to . This form will be emailed to you by the council officer engaging your services for the first time.

Council endeavours to maintain and update supplier details on a regular basis. If any of your details change, please email to update your details and prevent any delays in payments occurring.

Purchase orders

When you are successful with a quotation or tender, you will receive an official Purchase Order and sometimes a Letter of Acceptance with a contract reference number. A Purchase Order is essential to confirm an agreement has been made for carrying out works, purchasing goods and/or services, and you should not supply goods or services without first obtaining one of these numbers from the Council officer.

The official Council purchase order will be authorised, and will include the name of the supplier, ABN number, contact details, the description of goods/services required, delivery details and price exclusive of GST. Council's Conditions of Order will be provided with the purchase order. It is recommended that the conditions be reviewed prior to conducting business with Council to assess their impact, if any, on your business.

If the purchase order is being raised as part of a contract agreement, the conditions of the contract will prevail over the conditions of the purchase order. If for any reason you have concerns or queries regarding a purchase order please phone Purchasing Services on (07) 3480 6964.


Suppliers of goods or services wishing to undertake business with Council will be required to hold and maintain certain insurances. The level of required coverage will be dependent on the risk associated with the supply being provided to Council. These insurances include:

  • Public and Products Liability Insurance - a level of coverage of at least $10,000,000 for any one claim is required.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - a level of coverage of at least $10,000,000 for any one claim is required.
  • Motor Vehicle Indemnity - a level of coverage of at least $20,000,000 for any one claim is required.
  • Work Cover - a level of coverage as required by law.

The level of coverage that is required will be confirmed by Council when the new supplier details are being set up in the Council payment system.


For general contract and tender enquiries please contact:

For queries relating to a specific tender currently open, please contact the listed project officer or place a forum post on the relevant LG TenderBox forum.

For all Accounts Payable enquiries please contact:

Current tenders

See our list of current tenders out in the marketplace for response.

Awarded tenders

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