Pre-lodgement advice

How to get pre-lodgement advice?

Council provides several opportunities for customers to raise queries and seek clarification or advice on development proposals.

Information can be accessed online, or alternatively by talking to one of council’s Planning officers on (07) 3205 0555. If however you have more detailed questions you are encouraged to lodge an online pre-lodgement advice request.

For meetings to be confirmed and invitations to be sent the pre-lodgement meeting request must be accompanied by a meeting agenda and a site plan. A minimum of 7 days is required for the MBRC team to be able to review the provided materials prior to the meeting occurring.

Please ensure all mandatory information is uploaded correctly, these attachments are checked and if they do not comply with that which is requested, a meeting date and time cannot be made.

Pre-lodgement advice

Council offers free advice services for prospective applicants to discuss a proposal prior to lodging a formal development application.

The purpose of the pre-lodgement process is to facilitate 'properly made' applications to enable a quicker decision process for applicants. Through this process, identified matters can be discussed and considered prior to lodging a development application.

There are two types of pre-lodgement advice requests, being either General, or Detailed.

General Advice

This type of request is for applicants who are intending to lodge a development application with Council and seek confirmation on matters such as:

  • site-specific planning interpretation i.e. category of development and assessment
  • confirmation of applicable codes the potential application requires assessment against
  • responses to specific questions where sufficient detail is provided

(Note this is not suitable for liquor licensing or checks for accepted development subject to requirements.)

Generally, this type of advice can be provided through a formal written response from Council.

Detailed Advice

This type of request is for an Applicant and Council's staff to discuss in detail matters regarding a proposed development proposal and engage in collaborative assessment prior to the formal lodgement of a development application. To enable council to provide suitable advice, the applicant will be required to provide proposal plans (to an assessable standard), detailed assessment of relevant codes and a list of specific questions highlighting areas of concern (i.e. what performance outcomes you are seeking).

This type of request will generally result in a formal meeting.

What are the pre-lodgement advice options?

The MBRC offers several options including:

  • a return phone call with the requested information
  • detailed written response
  • or an organised meeting with the relevant council officers (with minutes of the meeting).

The response method ultimately chosen by the MBRC is dependent on the complexity of the request, efficient use of resources and Council’s resource availability.

Please note that while Council aims to help you through the process, preparing a development application can be a complex task. Prior to lodgement we suggest engaging an industry expert such a planner / engineer / certifier who may be able to help with your building or development project.

When are pre-lodgement meetings held?

The pre-lodgement meeting service is offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Caboolture office.

The online portal will ask you to nominate 3 preferred days and times for the meeting. Council will attempt to schedule the meeting on one of your nominated dates and time. Council requires 7 business days to allow for appropriate scheduling of meetings.

If an urgent pre-lodgement meeting is required, please call council on the phone number below to discuss.

If you wish to take advantage of the new video conferencing system for pre-assessment meetings, simply indicate this with your request.

The information you supply to Council on the booking form is used to assist Council Officers in preparing for the meeting and ensures that the appropriate officers attend the meeting so that relevant issues can be discussed.

Requesting pre-lodgement advice?

To request pre-lodgement advice:

If you have any questions regarding the pre-lodgement process and options or are experiencing any difficulties in completing the online request you can contact us by:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (07) 3205 0555
  • Postal Address:
    Pre-lodgement Advice Request
    Moreton Bay Regional Council
    Development Services Department
    PO Box 159
    Caboolture Qld 4510

Meetings will be assigned the first available appointment time within 10 business days of receiving your booking form. The information you supply to Council on the booking form is used to assist Council Officers in preparing for the meeting and ensures that the appropriate officers attend the meeting so that relevant issues can be discussed.

Discussing your proposal with a referral agency

In some instances your proposed development may trigger referral to the State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA). It is recommended that you discuss your proposal with SARA (if applicable) during the conceptualisation phase of the project. A referral agency may also provide a referral agency response on a matter prior to lodging the application with the assessment manager. For further information please contact Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning on 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

Disclaimer: pre-lodgement meetings are a process to provide an exchange of information in respect to proposed development prior to submitting a development application. The advice provided should NOT be taken as a commitment as to whether an application would be approved with conditions or refused by council. The pre-lodgement meeting process cannot override council's duty of care and legislative responsibilities in the assessment of development applications including considering matters raised by possible submitters and referral agencies or which come to light during the detailed assessment process.

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