Activation Master Plans

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Moreton Bay Regional Council aims to encourage visitation, improve the amenity of public spaces and create active and vibrant places through Activation Master Plans.

These Master Plans include:

The Master Plans under development are currently being trialled through trial activation sites within the Moreton Bay Pop-Ups Program.

Redcliffe Foreshore Activation Master Plan

The Redcliffe Foreshore Master Plan and Activation Strategy was endorsed by Council in October 2017 following extensive consultation with residents, visitors and local businesses.

Community consultation included survey, online feedback, public displays, local business forums and targeted stakeholder engagements. Throughout this process, the overwhelming message to council was that people wanted to see more pop-up vendors and activations along foreshore precincts.

Council conducted a ‘Pilot Trial Program’ (trial) from 4 May to 30 September 2018. The trial activated many foreshore sites across the peninsula which are identified in the master plan.

Community feedback received during the trial was positive and Council will continue to offer the sites for bookings across the peninsula after September 2018, with exception of sites 4a and 4d which were removed from the program in response to feedback received.

To find out more information or join the program, please the Moreton Bay Pop-Ups page or Moreton Bay Pop-Ups Expression of Interest Documentation [PDF 24.9MB].

View the Redcliffe Foreshore Master Plan and Activation Strategy [PDF 12MB].

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