Policy is a statement of strategic intent; it provides Council with a structured framework for consistent and transparent decision-making and actions. Policy demonstrates to the community the position and intent Council will take with regard to an issue identified in the Corporate Plan.

Council Policies are made by resolution of Council and appear on the website for general public viewing. It is a policy statement made at the highest level and assists in the achievement of the Corporate Plan’s objectives. It is generally outwardly focused and will have a direct impact on the community.

Please note: some policies only apply to certain districts. Where this is the case the relevant district is specified.

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Amenity & Aesthetics - Impact of Proposed Building Work

To identify building work that Council considers may have an extremely adverse effect on the amenity or character of the locality in which the work is proposed to be carried out.

Security for Building Work

To ensure sufficient security is retained by Council for the completion of building work in relation to a nominated building or structure.




Art Collection Management, Acquisitions and Exhibitions Policy

To establish a framework for the management of Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Art Collection and Exhibition programs.

Community Engagement

Establish a framework to guide Council's community engagement processes and activities

Community Facilities Interest Free Loans Policy

Council recognises that community organisations make an important contribution to enhancing the region’s vibrant lifestyle, and to creating strong and local inclusive communities. Council is committed to supporting community organisations through its Community Facilities Interest Free Loan Program. This Policy provides a framework for administering Council’s Community Facilities Interest Free Loans Program.

Community Grants

The objective of this policy is to provide a framework for administering Council’s Community Grants Program.

Community Leasing Policy

To ensure the equitable and appropriate allocation of tenure over Council owned or controlled land and facilities to community organisations, for conducting activities that benefit the community, whilst recognizing the importance of the role played by these organisations.

Disability Access and Inclusion Policy

To provide a framework through which Council will work towards improving the accessibility of its infrastructure, services and information for people with a disability, and ensure its compliance with relevant legislation and standards.

Discretionary Funds

Establishes a framework for Council when making discretionary funds available, and for the use of discretionary funds by Councillors.

In-Kind Support to Community Groups

To provide guidelines for assistance to community groups and to establish the basis on which in-kind support will be provided to community groups; and the scope of in-kind support that Council is prepared to provide to community groups.

Museum Collection Management, Acquisition and Exhibitions Policy

To establish a framework for the management of Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Museum Collection and Exhibition Programs.

Remission: Development Fees and Infrastructure Charges

Support to non-profit community organisations and charitable groups who provide a valuable service to the community, through a remission of fees and charges associated with the cost of development undertaken for the organisation and its core activities.

Volunteers of Council

The objective of this policy is to guide the recruitment and management of those volunteers undertaking a role on behalf of Moreton Bay Regional Council and to make the volunteering experience a valuable and rewarding one for all.




Moreton Bay Rail Residential Parking Permit System (Trial)

The objective of this policy is to establish an administrative framework for the Moreton Bay Rail Residential Parking Permit trial.

Pesticide Use

To provide a consistent standard for the use of pesticides by the Moreton Bay Regional Council in its operations.




Cemeteries - Region Wide

Set down guidelines defining relevant criteria for the management and administration of Council owned cemeteries.

Climate Change

To provide leadership and work in partnership with the community to raise awareness of climate change and better manage local greenhouse gas emissions.

Koala Conservation

To address the Draft South East Queensland Koala Conservation State Planning Policy.


To consolidate Council’s strategic commitment to sustainability in the region and to ensure sustainability is embedded into day to day decision making. We will achieve this by continually improving our performance and working with others to improve performance in the wider community.




Council Insurance

1. To document the types of insurance to be maintained by the Council; and 2. To specify the insurance policies to be obtained by suppliers of goods or services wishing to undertake business with the Council, or parties wishing to use Council land or assets.

Debt Policy

To provide Council with a debt management framework based on sound financial management, to undertake borrowings to fund capital expenditure.

Donations in-lieu of Rates and Charges Levied by Council and Unitywater

The objective of this policy is to provide an equitable and transparent framework for the provision of Council donations to eligible community organisations in-lieu of rates and charges levied by Council and Unitywater.

Infrastructure Asset Management

To ensure Council’s infrastructure assets are managed and maintained efficiently and effectively over their lifecycle, in order to maximise services for the community in the Moreton Bay region in a safe and sustainable manner. 

Investment Policy

To provide Council with an investment framework aimed at maximising the return on funds invested within approved risk guidelines and to ensure the security of funds. To ensure capital preservation of the investment portfolio and maintain sufficient liquidity to meet all reasonably anticipated cash flow requirements.

Minor Capital Works Program

Provides a framework for administering Council’s Minor Capital Works Program.

Monies held in Trust by Council

To ensure Council correctly administers and accounts for monies held in trust.

Non-Current Assets

The objective of this policy is to provide a framework for the Council’s financial management of non-current assets.


To ensure all Procurement activities:are carried out in a professional manner promoting probity and accountability;comply with Council’s legal and statutory obligations;achieve value for money;minimise operational costs;promote environmentally and socially responsible procurement practices;maintain public confidence in Council’s procurement activities; assist in achieving Council’s goals as set out in the Corporate Plan.

Provision of Financial Securities

To provide guidance on the process to be followed for the acceptance of Financial securities by the Council.

Resumptions and Acquisitions of Land

To confirm Council’s commitment to legal compliance and best practice with respect to the resumption of land process and Council’s preference that acquisition of the land be by agreement wherever possible.

Revenue Policy

The purpose of this policy is to state, the principles the Council intends to apply for levying rates and charges, granting concessions for rates and charges, recovering overdue rates and charges, and cost-recovery methods.


To establish guidelines for the management of Council’s taxation obligations.




Acceptable Requests by Councillors for Advice or Information Guidelines

The objective of this Policy is to provide guidelines in accordance with section 170A of the Local Government Act 2009 about the way in which a Councillor can request advice from a Council employee, or information from the Chief Executive Officer in order to assist the Councillor in carrying out their responsibilities, and the reasonable limits on those requests.

Advertising Expenditure

To ensure Council advertising is of a high standard, complies with legislation, has appropriate authorisation and delivers the best value-for-money for Council.

Audit Committee

This policy and the supporting Audit Committee Terms of Reference, outline the purpose, operation and reporting obligations of the Council’s Audit Committee

Community Comment Session

This Policy establishes procedures to allow Moreton Bay Regional Council residents and ratepayers the opportunity to address Council.

Competitive Neutrality Complaints

To provide a process for resolving competitive neutrality complaints.

Complaints Process - Administrative Action Complaints

The objective of this Policy is to establish a process for dealing with and resolving administrative action complaints.

Conflict of Interest

To assist employees of Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) to manage instances where their private or personal interests may be contrary to those of the organisation or have the capacity to conflict with the person’s duty to act in the public interest.

Discretionary Funds

Establishes a framework for Council when making discretionary funds available, and for the use of discretionary funds by Councillors.

Dress Code – Councillor and Officer Attendance at General and Committee Meetings

To ensure a high standard of dress and personal hygiene standard is maintained and to promote a positive image to the general public.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

To identify and proactively address risks and opportunities related to the achievement of organisational objectives to create value for the community, Council and other stakeholders.

Entertainment and Hospitality Expenses

The objective of this Policy is to establish when expenditure for entertainment and hospitality may be reasonably and appropriately incurred by the Council.

Film Production on Council Controlled Land

To ensure film production in the Moreton Bay Region is safe and appropriate, in accordance with the Law, does not cause damage to public property and has minimal disruption for residents, local business and Council.

Fixed and Mobile Telecommunications Appropriate Usage

Facilitate and ensure cost effective, efficient and reliable communication and information services to all authorised customers/officers to support the operational requirements of Council

Fraud & Corruption Control

This Policy outlines Council’s strategies and activities to increase the awareness of, and mitigate the occurrence of Fraud and Corrupt Conduct.For more information on council’s strategies and procedures regarding fraud and corruption control, visit the Fraud and Corruption Control Framework page.

Gifts, Sponsored Hospitality Benefits, Awards & Prizes

This Policy establishes procedures to support Council’s commitment to open and transparent operations, minimising the risk of Council employees being involved in a conflict of interest situation or being placed in a compromising position by the acceptance of gifts, sponsored hospitality benefits, awards or prizes in connection with their duties while representing Council.

Information & Communication Technology Security

To provide a governing framework for the security and management of electronic information within Council.

Internal Audit

This policy and the supporting Internal Audit Charter and Manual outline the role, purpose, protocols, operations and reporting obligations of the Council’s internal audit function.


Complaints about the inappropriate conduct of Councillors will be dealt with as required by the section 150AE of the Local Government Act 2009 (the LGA). However, this policy does not relate to more serious Councillor conduct.

Minor Operational Works Program

Provide a framework for administering Council’s Minor Operational Works Program.

Motor Vehicle

The objective of this Policy is to establish parameters for the use of Council-owned vehicles by Councillors and Council employees.

Outside Employment

To ensure that any outside employment engaged in by employees does not adversely affect Council activities or have a detrimental effect on the performance of Council duties by those employees.

Professional Development Policy

The objective of this Policy is to:1. Ensure Councillors and Council employees have access to relevant professional and personal development; and2. Establish the approvals required for Councillors and Council employees to attend and participate in professional development.(Supersedes 2150-016 Conference, Seminar, Study Tour & Travel Policy)

Public Interest Disclosure

Create a positive reporting environment that encourages the making of public interest disclosures. Provide processes that ensure Public Interest Disclosures are dealt with in a timely manner. Provide appropriate support and protection for those who make a Public Interest Disclosure. Ensure that Council fulfils its responsibilities under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 (the Act).

Recording of Mayor and Councillor Correspondence

To ensure appropriate procedures are in place for dealing with the correspondence and public records received or generated by the Mayor and Councillors.

Reimbursement of Expenses and Provision of Facilities for Councillors

The objective of this policy is to provide for payment of reasonable expenses incurred by councillors for discharging their responsibilities as councillors; and the supply of facilities to councillors for discharging their responsibilities as councilors.

Related Parties Disclosures Policy

To provide Council with a framework to ensure its general purpose financial statements comply with Australian Accounting Standard AASB 124 - Related Party Disclosures.

Release of Survey and Research Data

Ensure that data collected by Council from individual respondents and identifiable groups in Council's community surveys and research work remains confidential, and that data obtained is not used inappropriately.

Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Policy

The objective of this Policy is to assist Councillors and Council officers when managing unreasonable complainant conduct.The Council is committed to being accessible and responsive to all complainants.However, Council will take proactive and decisive action when complainants conduct themselves unreasonably.

Use of Council's Information and Communication Technology Systems

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Council's Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) systems are used legally, ethically and consistently with the aims, values and objectives of Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Use of the Moreton Bay Regional Council Corporate Identity (Logo)

To ensure that council’s role in the community is clearly recognised and that its image and reputation are protected and enhanced through accurate, consistent and high quality reproduction of its logo in all applications, including its use by approved sponsors and other entities.

Website Maintenance and Requests for Separate Websites

This policy applies to Council's existing web environment as well as all requests for separate websites for various departments of Council and those organisations directly funded or coordinated through Council.



Human Resources

Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy

SubmitThe objectives of this policy are to ensure that no person’s health and safety is adversely affected by any employee working while Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol; and Assist Moreton Bay Regional Council fulfil all relevant legal obligations in regard to employee safety.

Heavy Vehicle National Law – Chain of Responsibility Compliance

Establishes a framework to ensure that Council, its workers and other parties in the chain of responsibility for Council’s transport activities and those that interact with Council’s transport activities cooperate to ensure that compliance with the HVNL is met.

Lone and Remote Worker Policy

To provide workers who work on their own (lone) or in remote areas with a healthy and safe work environment through the use of lone and remote alert devices.

Special Natural Disaster Leave

To ensure that employees are aware of their leave entitlements and work responsibilities resulting from a declared disaster situation such as flooding, cyclones or bush fires, where employees are unable to attend their usual place of employment or are directly affected as a result of the declaration of a disaster situation.

Workplace Health and Safety

To establish guidelines for the provision, implementation and review of workplace health and safety procedures and processes within Moreton Bay Regional Council.




Open Data

This policy defines the scope and approach for the publishing of non-sensitive Council data using Open Data principles that could potentially be used by others in the provision of new and innovative services.



Parks & Facilities

Naming of Council Owned or Administered Buildings, Structures and other Assets (excluding roads)

The objectives of this policy are to Outline Council’s policy position on the naming of all Council owned or administered bridges, buildings and community facilities, parks, reserves, open space, waterways, places, memorials and other assets (except for roads) Establish a naming convention for each of those categories of Council controlled assets which is both responsive to anticipated community expectations and consistent with the stated values of stakeholders and Council.

Personal Tributes in Parks and Public Open Space (excluding roads)

To establish Council’s policy position on requests for the installation of personal tributes within parks, reserves and public open space.

Shade Policy

To establish Council’s policy position on shading of play equipment and allied infrastructure within parks, reserves and public open space.




Approval of Subdivision Plan Prior to Completion of all Subdivision Works

The objectives of this policy are to: establish Council’s policy position on approving a Subdivision Plan prior to the completion of all Subdivision Works; ensure that certain requirements are satisfied prior to Council agreeing to the early approval of a Subdivision Plan; and set out the standard documentation and security requirements that are required to be completed and lodged with Council where a development proponent is seeking Council’s approval of their Subdivision Plan prior to completion of all subdivision works.

Incentivising Infill Development

The objectives of this policy are to establish Council’s policy position on incentivising infill development; establish the incentives to be offered; set out the circumstances and development types that are to be targeted under this policy; and establish the procedure for identifying and assessing potential applicants.

Preparation of Master Plans for Council-Controlled or Owned Sites

To establish a framework for the preparation and approval of master plans for Council-controlled or owned sites.



Roads & Drainage

Allocation of Road Names and Street Address Numbers

The objectives of this policy are (1) To outline Council’s policy position on (a) The naming of Council controlled public roads within the region and (b) The allocation of street address numbers for all properties within the region (2) To ensure that those road names and street address numbers are allocated and managed in a logical, consistent and accountable manner.

Maintenance of Watercourses and Drainage Easements within Private Properties

The objectives of this policy are to outline Moreton Bay Regional Council’s policy position on:  (a) Council’s maintenance responsibilities within watercourses and drainage easements on private property;(b) Circumstances when Council will enter private property and undertake maintenance of watercourses and drainage easements.

Personal Access Ramps (Kerb Ramps)

The objective of this policy is to outline Council’s position on the installation of personal access ramps to provide access to the road carriageway for mobility assistance devices.

Requests for Personal Access Ramps – Site Assessment

To outline the process for determining a request for the installation of a personal access ramp.

Shading of Streetlights

Address concerns of residents when a streetlight glare problem is reported and determine the need for a streetlight shade, taking into consideration the general standard of lighting in the area, traffic safety and needs of pedestrians.



Waste & Recycling

Disposal Of Waste At Transfer Stations

The objective of this policy is to improve operational efficiency and minimise the adverse impacts of Council's waste transfer stations on nearby residents by restricting access to such facilities.

Disposal of Waste Free of Charge at Moreton Bay Regional Council's Waste Management Facilities for Residents, Ratepayers and Community Groups

To establish what waste can be disposed of free of charge at MBRC waste management facilities for residents, ratepayers and community groups.

General Waste and Recyclable Waste Storage and Collection for Residential and Commercial Developments

Establish standards for the storage and collection of general waste and recyclable waste bins in residential and commercial developments.



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