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The Pine Rivers planning scheme (PineRiversPlan)commenced on 15 December 2006. Following the commencement of the MBRC Planning Scheme on 1 February 2016 the PineRiversPlanis now known as a Superseded Planning Scheme and will have effect until 31 January 2017.

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Requests for development to be considered under a superseded planning scheme need to be formally lodged with Council. For further details see superseded planning schemes

Purchase a copy

Hard copies and CD versions of the PineRiversPlanare available for purchase, see purchasing copies of planning schemes.

Infrastructure Charges Resolution

On 19 January 2016, an Infrastructure Charges Resolution for the Moreton Bay Region was made by Council. The Infrastructure Charges Resolution commences on 1 February 2016. The resolution provides for a standard trunk infrastructure charges system which includes simplified calculation methods.  

Adopted amendments

A number of amendments to the planning scheme have been adopted. 

Northern Growth Corridor

A council policy existed for the Northern Growth Corridor, titled 'Planning for Development within the Northern Growth Corridor', It included 3 separate Local Area Plans - Mango Hill, Griffin and Dakabin. These plans recognised the requirements of a future community, and provided for a balance of living, working and recreational land uses for these areas.

This policy was considered, in addition to the PineRiversPlan, in the assessment of Material Change of Use and Reconfiguring a Lot (subdivision) development applications within the Northern Growth Corridor.

See Northern Growth Corridor for more information.

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