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For a full list of upcoming exhibitions see our six monthly Gallery and Museum Guide [PDF 5.7MB].

Current exhibitions

Window Exhibition: Natasha Darling
On display: Saturday 5 May - Saturday 2 June
Natasha’s poignant and compelling works offer the viewer a reflection on the complexity of humanity.

Upcoming exhibitions

Window Exhibition: Gillian Wesche
On display: Saturday 2 June - Saturday 30 June
Gillian Wesche has always been a collector and her love of collecting extends into her art practice.

Window Exhibition: Nicole Crosswell
On display: Saturday 30 June - Saturday 4 August
In this exhibition Crosswell closely examines animal bone as objects of beauty and symbols of strength and foundation.

Window Exhibition: Carmel Lumley
On display: Saturday 4 August - Saturday 1 September
Carmel’s work evokes the meditative sensation one has when beach combing.

Window Exhibition: Cecily Slade
On display: Saturday 1 September - Saturday 29 September
Cecily’s paintings are built from many layers of oil paint, each one adding luminosity to the work.

Window Exhibition: Vanessa Bertagnole
On display: Saturday 29 September - Saturday 3 November
Vanessa’s work is concerned with the elusiveness of memory and mediated forms of communication.

Window Exhibition: Liz Stuart
On display: Saturday 3 November - Saturday 1 December
The power of brilliant colour, embellishment, line and texture are all harnessed to express universal emotions in the work of Liz Stuart.

Window Exhibition: Christopher McLeod
On display: Saturday 1 December - Saturday 29 December
The Australian landscape dominates the people and events featured in this series.

Uplift Program

Throughout the year Moreton Bay Region Art Galleries present small exhibitions through Uplift, a program highlighting emerging and established artists with connections to the Moreton Bay region.

Are you interested in exhibiting?

Exhibitions are selected from an annual application process. If you are an artist or a group of artists interested in exhibiting in one of these small exhibition spaces, you can complete a gallery window display application form [PDF 155KB] and return it to the Pine Rivers Art Gallery. Applications for 2019 exhibitions close Saturday 11.59pm 1 September 2018.

The Window Gallery

The Pine Rivers Art Gallery actively promotes creative opportunities for established and emerging artists of the region. The Window Gallery is an accessible space for local artists to exhibit their work. With a one month turnaround, the front window is always a dynamic space to keep an eye on.

For a full list of upcoming exhibitions, see our what's on section.

For more information or any enquiries please call (07) 3480 6941, or visit the gallery.

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