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For a full list of upcoming exhibitions see our six monthly Gallery and Museum Guide [PDF 5.7MB].

Current exhibitions

Black Dog, Blue Butterflies
On display: Saturday 11 August - Saturday 10 November
In Australia over 45% of the population will experience mental health issues at some stage of their lives.

Upcoming exhibitions

Moreton Bay Region Youth Art Awards
On display: Friday 19 October - Sunday 28 October
Celebrate the achievements of the young artists of the Moreton Bay Region aged between five and eighteen years at this colourful annual event.

The Weaving Room
On display: Saturday 17 November - Saturday 19 January
A space that explores both traditional and contemporary approaches to weaving.

Fresh Eyes: New Landscapes of the Moreton Bay Region
On display: Friday 25 January - Saturday 23 March
In Fresh Eyes, artists are asked to share landscapes from the Moreton Bay Region that are special to them. Natural and industrial landscapes will share the gallery with scenes of everyday surroundings.

Past exhibitions

View past exhibitions.

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