Common Mynas

Common Mynas are native to Asia and are found along the east coast of Australia.

Environmental Damage

Common Myna colonies establish quickly when food and shelter are plentiful. Common Mynas can displace native wildlife by taking over occupied hollows in trees. They are aggressive and territorial and also eat the chicks and eggs of native birds.


Images courtesy of Queensland Murray-Darling Committee.

Common (Indian)

Common Myna (Indian)

Noisy Miner (Native)

Noisy Myna (Native)

What can residents do?

Methods to limit the prevalence of Mynas are:

  • Limit Common Myna access to pet food and water.
  • Install nest boxes with a baffle or backward facing entry to support local hollow dependent fauna and exclude Common Mynas.
  • Provide habitat suited to native birds by using a variety of local native plants in your garden.

Council also encourages residents to report their sightings via the Mynascan website.

More Information

Council is investigating various management options for these birds.

For further information contact Council on (07) 3205 0555.

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