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Native animal sightings are regularly reported to Council. If you see an animal or plant of interest please let us know. Anything that makes you say, "wow!" is going to be worth reporting.


Council participates in many conservation projects, and supports environmental conservation groups working in the region. This includes support for the FaunaWatchprogram which is operated by the Wildlife Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Branch.  The long-term objective of FaunaWatch is to record local observations and build a database of the diversity and distribution of fauna in the region.

You can make a significant contribution towards the conservation of native species by recording animal observations (pest & native) in the Moreton Bay Region. Survey forms can be completed for individual sightings or over a period of time.

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Wildlife Queensland, with help from Council, compiled a database of 47 platypus sightings from waterways within the Pine Rivers district. Of these, 37 sighting records had enough information to plot them accurately.

The sightings were from 13 waterways including the North Pine River (13 records), the South Pine River (8), Cedar Creek (3), Freshwater Creek (2), Kobble Creek (2), Sandy Creek (2), Albany Creek (1), Wongan Creek (1), Branch Creek (1), Bergin Creek (1), Terrors Creek (1), Cabbage Tree Creek (1) and Todd's Gully (1).

The sightings date back to the 1920s, but the majority of these records were from the 1990s (13) and 2000s (12).

Report a platypus sighting:

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