Powerful owls

Powerful Owl

Powerful Owls are huge predatory birds (50-65cm in length) that occupy very large permanent territories, sometimes having a home range of up to 1000 hectares.

During the day these shy nocturnal raptors roost in dense vegetation - commonly in rainforests of creeks and gullies. At night they hunt ring-tailed possums, gliders, rats, and other birds.

Powerful Owls typically nest in big gum trees with hollows at least 0.5m deep. Towering old-growth eucalypts provide the most suitable nesting sites.

These large trees are called habitat trees and provide lots of nesting sites for many types of native animals.

Powerful Owls are uncommon, elusive, and are heard more often than seen.

The territorial call by both sexes is a loud and mournful 'woo-hoo', and they sometimes begin calling at dusk, usually for short periods of time only.

Report a sighting

If you have seen a powerful owl, please submit your sighting online to the Moreton Bay Animal Atlas.

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