Council meetings

General Meetings of the Moreton Bay Regional Council are generally held each Tuesday.

Council has opted for the creation of one Standing Committee comprising of Mayor and Councillors, the Coordination Committee, to assist in the decision making process. The Coordination Committee meeting is conducted as part of the General Meeting which commences at 10.30am.

General and Committee meetings are open and members of the public are welcome to attend to observe proceedings.

Ratepayers and residents have the chance to have their say at Community Comment sessions during general meetings of Council.

Any person wishing to address Council is required to complete an application form (document opens in new window) [PDF 45KB] to be received by the CEO seven (7) days prior to the meeting.

The Community Comment Session Policy (document opens in new window) [PDF 35KB] establishes the procedures for conduct of these sessions.

Upcoming meetings

13 Dec 2016
General Meeting
Strathpine Chambers, 10.30am

13 Dec 2016
Coordination Committee Meeting
Strathpine Chambers, 10.30am

Recent meetings

Meetings Archive

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