MBRC Planning SchemeProposed amendments

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Proposed "Major Amendment to the MBRC Planning Scheme No. 1" & "New and Major Amendment to Planning Scheme Policies No. 1"

On 1 December 2015 Council decided to commence its first major amendment to the MBRC Planning Scheme. The proposed major scheme amendment package and the proposed new and amended planning scheme policies will enable better functioning of the MBRC Planning Scheme and support Council's ongoing commitment to the scheme being a living document.

The proposed amendment have progressed and Council are currently seeking public comment on the proposed amendments.

The consultation period will run from 21 August to 6 October 2017. For further information or to make a submission visit Your Say Moreton Bay.

Note - These proposed amendments commenced under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 and in accordance with Statutory Guideline 01/16.  Accordingly, when consultation commences alignment amendments to reflect the terminology in the new Planning Act 2016 will not be incorporated.  Alignment amendments will be made prior to the commencement of any major amendment to the MBRC Planning Scheme.

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